Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quinoa Granola

Yesterday I was in the mood for some granola to top my yogurt.  I remembered seeing a unique recipe with quinoa in the issue of Body & Soul Magazine that was handed out at the Healthy Living Summit last month.  I tore out a bunch of recipes and put them on my to make list.  This one turned out to be a winner. 



I scaled the recipe down to make one serving.  I mixed 1/4 cup quinoa (uncooked) with 1 tsp agave, 1/2 a tsp sunflower oil and cinnamon (that was not in the recipe, my own personal touch). 

I then spread the mix onto a sheet pan lined with parchment.  I tried to get it into a single layer as best as I could but it was a bit sticky.  I baked the quinoa at 375 for 10 minutes.  I let it cool on the pan where it began to harden and turn crispy. 

Once it was fully cooled I broke it up into chunks and added it to my yogurt.  It was delicious.  I highly recommend that you try this out.  I bet honey and maple syrup would be fabulous sweeteners for this recipe too.  You can also mix in nuts before baking and then dried fruit once it is out of the oven.  I am definitely going to experiment with the recipe.




I was up and out the door early to fit in my run before the guys woke up.  Charlie has 2 doctors appointments today so he has today off.  He had to be on the road at 8:15 which is pretty early for him. I made a nice 6.2 mile loop and was back even before they were out of bed. 

When making my oatmeal this morning all I could think about was the dessert hummus (I might have an addiction).  I cooked up the usual 1/2 cup oats mixed with 1/2 cup milk & water.  I added cinnamon, frozen blueberries & strawberries at the end of the cooking process.  Once the oats were in the bowl I added the hummus – Maple Walnut and Chocolate Mousse.  Another container bit the dust today – oh Maple Walnut, you will be missed.  I should try to make my own chick pea concoction.  I highly doubt it will be as tasty but it might be fun to do a little kitchen experiment.  Today’s breakfast was a mouth pleaser.




On the agenda for today:

I MUST go grocery shopping. Can you believe that I do not have ANY fresh veggies? Must restock ASAP.

So We decided that D is going to start preschool on Friday.  It is going to be really strange to be away from him but I really think that it will be good for both of us. My posting schedule might change so that I can take advantage of the AM hours that I have with him.  I will probably do my posting while he is at school.  We will just have to see how it goes. 

I hope you have a great day.  See you later.


MelissaNibbles said...

I've never cooked with quinoa. I think you've inspired me to start with this recipe though.

D must be excited about school! I'm sure it's going to be tough at first, but once you get used to it and fall into a routine it'll be great. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

That is so exciting!! I hope he is jazzed about it, and you won't be too sad without your lil partner in crime :D Hope it goes well!

Julie said...

Very exciting! It will be very good for both of you, I'm sure he'll have a blast and make tons of friends.

Anonymous said...

I think you do have an addiction to that stuff! :) That granola looks pretty easy, might have to try that tonight!

Leila said...

amazing idea! I've just made a batch of quinoa granola to eat with my salad tomorrow!!

smells great.

WholeBodyLove said...

Pre-school, how exciting! I'm still concentrating on potty-training lol. But, D must be super excited for the big day!

Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

Mmm...I'm making granola this week with barley flakes, oats and hemp seeds, but now I'm totally adding quinoa as well! I bet it is fantastically crispy!

I think you made a great decision about preschool. I know how much it was weighing on your mind and heart. I'm still in denial that Gracie starts Monday. I know once we see how happy it makes our kiddos, though, it'll ease the hurt of missing them. We'll just have more time to catch up now too ;)