Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pass That Penny

Ok, so are you ready for the exciting day that we had yesterday? Sorry to leave you hanging but last night I just needed to shut off my brain – you will see why in a sec.

To start, the fun little excursion that D and I had yesterday occurred at CBS Scene located at the Patriot Place.  The restaurant has a free story hour every Tuesday that features a special visit from a character from a kids TV show.




Yesterday’s special guests was Brenda Blue from Jay Jay the Jet Plane.




D does not watch that particular show but I knew that he would enjoy the story hour anyway.





He participated when she would ask them questions which proved to me that he was interested in what she was reading them.





At the end, the kids got to personally meet Brenda Blue and have a photo with her.

It was a good time and I think we will try to do it again soon.





For some reason, D is in the Halloween spirit already.  He asked if we could go to the craft store to get something that he and I could make together.  Do you all remember our haunted house last year?  That was so fun to make. 

This time he chose a spooky tree.




Then it was snack time.  He actually asked for strawberries. 




He is a goober. 




Apparently the strawberries did not fill him up because he then proceeded to EAT A PENNY!!!

I gave him a penny out of the bottom of my pocketbook while I was cleaning it out (it was full of old receipts and grocery lists). I really did not think that he would put it in his mouth.  Even as a baby he was not one for chewing on things.  Well he said that he put it on his tongue and it slipped down his throat.  He was right next to me playing with it – I did not notice him put it any where near his mouth.  The next thing I know, he turns to me and announces that he swallowed the penny.

Thank goodness it did not get stuck in his throat and choke him.  The doctor requested an x-ray so it was off to the doctor’s office.  Clearly, the penny is inside his tummy. 

We are now waiting for it to pass.  Do you think that will be uncomfortable? 




See what I was talking about – I just needed to turn off my brain and zone out.   I watched the final episode of More to Love and then hit the hay. 

This morning I hit up the gym again – 2 days in a row, I am on a roll.  I made the same Pear Blueberry Oats that I have had every day so far this week for breakfast.  This morning I was in full speed mode so I could get back to the gym to babysit.  I left the place feeling deaf and really looking forward to my few hours home alone – which I am currently enjoying as I type away. 

Lunch was chicken salad made with red pepper hummus and chopped red peppers.  On the side I had some summer squash. 




I also consumed a whole wheat english muffin with melted swiss cheese ------- 




---------- a delicious apple AND




some 365 brand dark chocolate. 




This variety is soy free.  I now have 2 different ones in my chocolate stash to enjoy.




So there you have the it.  My crazy life just keeps getting crazier.  It really is never a dull moment.  D likes to keep me on my toes.  I am off to enjoy these few silent hours in my house.

I hope you are enjoying your day.


Anonymous said...

OMG sammie that is nuts!!! I'm soo glad he's ok and definitely did not choke on that. Man, kids never fail to keep it interesting huh!? I was chewing on a tough glue tube when i was little and all of sudden it broke and glue squirted ALL over and IN my mouth..and it was just me and my dad and he was freaking out and kept trying to make me drink milk, haha...i did live to tell about it so he did ok i guess!

Meredith said...

If it makes you feel any better, I swallowed 12 cents (2 pennies and a dime!) when I was 4 and they passed thru just fine :)

My momma did not enjoy looking for them, however!

Jen (Running With Cake) said...

Oh, he is too cute! My husband swallowed a quarter when he was little and it passed just fine - although it did hurt a bit. I'm glad he's ok - could have been much worse. By the way, where did you get the craft spooky tree? It's so fun and festive!

Sammie said...

I bought it at AC Moore.

Melissa said...

WOW! I can't believe that he swallowed a penny. I'm glad that he's okay!!

Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

Oh. My. Stars. What is it with these kids? I honestly think sometimes I have to watch Gracie more carefully than Livy? My little cousin once swallowed a little wall hook (that you hang cups or keys on) and they still have the x-ray. They told him for the longest time that he wasn't born in a hospital, but that my uncle caught him fishing ;) I hope today is better!!!

Sara said...

I swallowed a penny when I was still in my crib. My mom didn't enjoy looking for it, but it sure was a shiny penny when she found it. I carried that penny with me on my wedding day for luck, and I keep it in my jewelry box.

Kath said...

OMG D!!! That silly boy. Glad he's OK.

Olivia said...

I swallowed a nickel when I was little. My parents called the doctor and he said it would come out in a few days. If I got a stomachache, they should bring me in. I couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about. :)