Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not a Goat Milk fan

Good evening.  What a day we have had.  It has been fun but I am totally ready for bed.  Thankfully I ended the day with my favorite yoga for runners on Yoga Download. I am really going to try to make an effort to practice yoga more often.  I always feel so fabulous when I am done even though my arms are shaking as I type. 

I will just do a quick recap so I can hit the hay.

Post run breakfast – Blueberry Banana Oats.



I packed a lunch to take along to my sis’s house. The boys had a blast together and played so well all afternoon.  They convinced me to play some hide & seek for a little while – not too many places for someone my size to hide so they found me quite easily.  I got to spend time with my niece too.  I actually got to brush her hair and put it in a ponytail for her. Since I don’t have a daughter this is something that I never get to do – the simple things that make Auntie Sammie happy. 



Super speedy dinner (I have been making fast dinners all week – tomorrow I hope to make something not so rushed).  Even though I whipped up another salad, it was still super delicious.  We had company this evening. D enjoyed his visit with Grandpa & Grandma.




I also tried goat milk yogurt (it says cheese on the container but it is the consistency of yogurt). I gagged on the first bite and was not going to force the rest down.  I did save it so that Charlie could try it. I love how I told him how disgusting it was but then I expect him to taste it.  He did not try it tonight but I will let you know what he thinks when he does.  I am just not a fan of goat milk. It tasted like I was licking the barn floor – not good!!!! 




Sorry this is so speedy but my pillow is calling my name.  I need to get some good ZZZZZs tonight – tomorrow is a cleaning day.  I hope you had a great day. 

Good night.


wholebodylove said...

It's so nice to have kids in the family who are close in age! We have a neice who is only six months older than Snuffy and the girls have so much fun together.

HeatherBakes said...

That's really cute about your niece! I'm doomed if we have a girl someday- I can screw up a simple ponytail.

So do you like goat cheese? I would assume that the yogurt would have a similar taste, but maybe not...

Sammie said...

I have tried goat cheese twice and both times I hated it. One variety was even homemade by my Aunt. She raises goats for their milk because her family can not handle cows milk. I think I am super sensitive to the goaty flavor.

Charlie said...

Well the goat's milk yogurt wasn't overpowering, but I don't think I could eat the whole thing.