Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No Variety but He has a Review


Today my menu really did lack variety but overall I was pretty satisfied with what I put in my belly.  Sometimes I get stuck on certain flavors and that is all I feel like eating that particular day.  Today it was sunflower seed butter and jelly – a combo that I could practically live off of. 

Lunch was salmon salad which was super simple – canned salmon (from Trader Joe’s), peeled & chopped apple and mustard. 




I also had 2 slices of whole wheat bread topped with swiss cheese and sunflower seed butter & 365 Wild Blueberry Fruit Spread.  On the side I had a handful of cherry tomatoes and the remainder of the apple.





Dinner looked pretty much the same except for the salmon salad, a different veggie and the delivery system was a whole wheat english muffin. I could not eat salmon twice in one day but I can eat SBJ multiple times. 




I also consumed 1/2 a cup of cottage cheese with dinner – a little extra protein for good measure. 




I was hankering for a little something sweet so I ate 2 caramel apple rice cakes – one topped with sunflower seed butter (I told you I was gobbling that stuff up like mad today) & the other topped with TJ’s Pumpkin Butter (another staple in my diet the past few days). 

I guess I am in kind of a food rut.  Not sure why, but I am not feeling very adventurous the past few days, even salads are just not appealing to me as much – who am I????  I am very happy eating my squash, drinking my V8 and Amazing Grass. They really treats my belly nicely and do not cause any intestinal pain. 




Since my food was not super exciting, Charlie is going to share a second review of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce

He tried it on a hamburger tonight. 



Dipping action




CHOMP!!!!  Even D looks like he wanted to snatch a bite. 



Here is the man for the review -

Why did I wait so long to put this on a burger?!?  This stuff kills A1 or Worcestershire, I tell you.  Straight up on a burger it was even better than in the Sloppy Bob mix Sammie made.  It’s kind of sweet with a hint of smokiness, almost but not quite like a barbeque sauce, but it has also got a certain pungency that must be coming from the tamarind in the mix.  Normally I am not one for dressing up a steak very much, but I am sneaking a bottle of this into a steakhouse.  This stuff was made with beef as it’s cosmic destiny.

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