Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I love Chick Peas


Happy Wednesday!  I hope you are enjoying your day.  My day has been super busy and it is not even 12:30 yet. 

I was up and out the door for a run just before the sun started to peak out.  It was really chilly this morning – I had to wear gloves and a fleece.  Fall is definitely in the air.  I am not complaining, I love this time of year.  I can’t wait to go apple picking.  I am even wearing jeans, a long sleeve shirt and a sweater today – no more 90 degree days for us.  I think it is like 73 degrees today.  For me to wear anything summery it has to be at least in the 80’s – yes I am a chilly willy. 

After my 6.6 mile run and a quickie shower, it was oatmeal time.  This morning I added frozen blueberries to the pot along with the usual cinnamon and banana.  Still loving the addition of 1/2 a cup of milk – I like my oats creamy.

Toppings - Pb2 and Hempseeds




I had to rush out the door for my weekly volunteer babysitting shift at the gym.  Of course I hit road work but was only 2 minutes late.  Thankfully there wasn’t anyone waiting at the door for me.  It was utter craziness in the room today. One little boy is always trying to escape and today figured out how to unlock the door and bust out.  He boogied into the spinning room (yeah, a class was going on). He proceeded to run around all the bikes as I was chasing after him.  Fun, fun, fun I tell ya. 

Once we got home I was ready to pass out but D needed sustenance and so did I.  I made the little man a grilled cheese with a side of strawberries – easy and fast.

I through together random things and called it LUNCH.

I mixed chick peas with apple – I love chick peas. I could mix them with anything and they would taste amazing.





Plain Chobani and cinnamon.  My other love – CINNAMON.




Lastly, I had 2 slices of homemade Whole Wheat Oatmeal bread with almond butter.



My Nana has requested my services – I am off to give her a perm.  I am hoping to fit in a little lesson time with the D Man today.  The kid has been practicing his numbers all day and not because I told him to. I have created a little studious student – I hope it lasts. 

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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