Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How we spent our day.

Good evening blogland.  How was your day?  D and I started our day with a little decorating.  We now have a lovely web hanging in the dining room. There is also a spider in it but it is really difficult to see in the photo.



Then we did some pumpkin decorating with a really cool sticker set that a certain sweetie pie sent D in the mail.  Thanks my long distance BFF – he loved it and so did his mama. 




I ended up making another pumpkin out of construction paper so that he could continue the pumpkin decorating fun. 




We made a little adventure to the story hour at CBS Scene.  Curious George was the special guest today. 




D is a little old for the television show but he did like meeting George. He kept telling me that he was just a guy dressed up in a costume.  At least he still believes in Santa – but probably not that much longer.  You can’t fool this kid. 




I managed to make some apple goodness for Charlie this afternoon.  I made the Apple & Maple-Walnut Cobber recipe from this book.  I left out the walnuts – I forgot to get some at the store – oops.  He loved it!  This is the only way he can enjoy apples and I am pretty sure that he enjoyed every bite. 



Other things we did today that I did not photograph: We stopped by The Christmas Tree Shops for a few Halloween decorations but unfortunately they had slim pickings. We also had to stop by my gym so that I could get my Polar HRM checked out – it is still acting wacky.  The Polar Guy was there today so he said to bring it by so he could look at it.  He informed me that the watch and the transmitter are working fine but the strap I have is WAY too big.  I ended up buying a smaller strap.  It is working perfectly now – good thing, I felt like it was just a waste of money sitting there not being used.  

So there you have our day.  It was quite a busy one.  Tomorrow I am babysitting in the morning and then D heads to school.  Looks like we are in for another whirlwind day.  Time to go relax so that I can wake up and do it all again.  I hope you have a great night.

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