Friday, September 18, 2009

He’s not into the Monster Mash

Recently a Spirit Halloween store opened just minutes from our house. It is actually in the same plaza as the Whole Foods we go to so whenever we drive by D declares his desire to go into the spooky store.  I tried to take him into one last year and he had a total freak out – not that I blame him, the place was filled with gory decor galore.  I was rather hesitant to give it a go again but he kept telling me that he was cool with it.  I told him that if he was good at school then I would take him after I picked him up.  Well he had a great day – not that I expected any different, he only gives his mommy a hard time. 

When we first walked into the store he immediately refused to go the right (where the creepy stuff was) and booked it over to the other side of the store – I knew I was in for it.  I convinced him to walk a little farther into the store so that he could check out all the Star Wars costumes.  Thankfully he can’t pass up anything Star Wars related.  He did find a costume he wanted but then the Monster Mash came on and he lost it.  He was standing with his hands over his ears and screaming – I made a mad dash for the register before it got too ugly. 

At least it was worth it – he looks too cute in his new get-up.  He has moved on from being Anakin (which he was dressed as when we went into the store today – that black thing on the ottoman is his Anakin robe) to Obi Wan. I know, just what my house needs – another costume.  Seriously, the kid has a trunk full.




He and daddy are having a lightsaber duel.




The rest of my day was rather chaotic.  My schedule went like this:

hit up the gym at 5 AM,  boogie home and clean off the filth, feed my little monster and myself, clean for 2+ hours, feed D lunch in the car on the way to school (no time to stop at home), drop D off at school, head home to have lunch, unload & load the dishwasher, tackle some laundry and make the bed (I usually do that first thing in the AM but I was in such a rush this morning I had to leave it a mess – I hate that). From the time I woke up until after 2 PM I was a mad woman.  I am afraid that if I tried to stop now I might just pass out.  I guess that every other Friday is gonna be a bit crazy – at least I won’t get bored. 

So when I tell you that I had oat bran for breakfast and dinner you know why. I was not in any mood to be standing at the stove cooking a complicated meal.  Plus it was really what I was craving. 

Breakfast bowl of creamy delight –




and my dinner bowl of utter deliciousness. 




As you can see, they both contained fruit - breakfast was a pear but dinner was a banana and berries.  They both have canned butternut squash and Jay Robb Vanilla Rice Protein.  The breakfast bowl was topped with PB2 and the dinner one had a dollop of Sunflower Seed Butter and some Yogi Granola Crisps

They both were super yummy and just what my tummy needed.


For lunch I went with super simple as well.  I topped an english muffin with swiss cheese and Sunflower Seed Butter.  I also had some red pepper strips and summer squash on the side.





And I ate a peeled and chopped apple with a sprinkle of cinnamon.




That is how my day went down.  Now I need to dig deep inside and find some more energy – Obi Wan needs to get ready for bed.  After he is in la-la  land, I am putting my feet up. 

I hope you all had a great day.  See you tomorrow. 

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*Naomi* said...

cheese and sunflower butter acutally sounds like a fabulous combo! thanks for the idea : )