Thursday, September 10, 2009

French Press Coffee & Pumpkin Pie Hummus

Good morning friends.  I hope you are off to a great start.  I actually went to the gym this morning for a workout – I was really in the mood for a good weight training session.  I did just that but first I started with a bit of cardio on the Stairmaster and the Arc Trainer.  It was a good workout and I left with that pumped feeling in my arms. 

So I have been admiring the lovely French Press cups of java as I make my blog reading rounds.  I love coffee – the flavor unadorned is the way to go for me.  I have had some trouble in the past with getting the jitters from drinking too much caffeine.  Therefore, I gave up on coffee and have been sticking to tea.  I usually drink a cup in the morning and then maybe a cup in the afternoon.  Most of the time I switch to decaf midday so that I do not have difficulty falling asleep at night. It all depends on the day and how I feel.  I can drink a caffeinated cup in the afternoon if I am feeling a bit sluggish and  have no problems going to bed.  Well I got a French Press coffee maker the other day and let me tell you – it’s the way to go if you are a coffee lover.  The flavor is so smooth with very little aftertaste.



I tried it with a little skim milk but I do prefer it black (that is how I had it this morning – the photo is from yesterday).  I really like that I can make as little or as much as I want without having to dirty an entire coffee maker.  I am the only one drinking coffee so all I need to make is enough for one mug.  I guess I am back to the coffee habit again.  I feel so sophisticated making it in the French Press. 

This morning I cracked open another Dessert Hummus – Pumpkin Pie.  I added a dollop to the top of my Blueberry Oats along with a PB2 drizzle.  I actually really adore the flavor of pumpkin & peanut butter. 



Yeah, this stuff is AMAZING!!!  Have you ordered any yet?  Well you really should – it is delicious.  I really wish that it would get to some stores in my area.  I guess Chuck is working on that but it does take some time.

I have stuff to take care of around my house and then I need to make sure that I have everything ready for D’s first day of preschool – he starts tomorrow.  He so excited.  The orientation went really well yesterday.  I am so happy that we decided to send him. He was Mr. Social with the other 9 kids in his class.  I do not foresee him having any problems being without Mommy for a few hours each week. 

I hope you have a great Thursday.  The weekend is in sight.  Any big plans? We are supposed to go to Canobie Lake with my sis and her family – should be a blast.


MelissaNibbles said...

Something about the fall makes me drink more coffee. I mean is there anything better than sitting on your front step on a fall morning with a warm cup of coffee? I really want to switch to tea, but I haven't been able to find any I like. I'll keep searching though.

Have fun at Canobie Lake!

Erica said...

I've never tried a french press but I really want to! I have heard lots of good things. Good luck tomorrow D! I'm sure he will have a blast. Enjoy Canobie Lake -ahhh memories

Sheri said...

Yes, French Press coffee is the best way to having my morning cup! I am the same as you if I over do it I get the jitters. So I usually only have a morning cup and that is it.

I wish I could get that hummus shipped to Canada...I would so love to try it!

Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

I'm so happy that D's orientation went well--Gracie had hers last night too. I think you and I both got confirmation that we are doing the right thing, but gosh, wasn't it a little heart wrenching?!

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

I wish I liked my coffee black, but I think I'll always be a cream girl.

I can't believe D is starting pre-school tomorrow. So fun - I know you'll miss him, but I'm sure he will make some great friends.

Your oats looked like the perfect Fall breakfast. Love it Sammie!

Lauren said...

Ok so ever since the first blog about the hummus...i've been dying for it!!! I am going to place my order today! Actually I am a huge pumpkin fan... so i was waiting to hear what you thought about this one....
Now which was your favorite? I think you said toasted Almond? or is it pumpkin now???
Can't wait to try it!

Lauren said...

Oh man! Too bad shipping is so $$$. I was ok w/ buying 6 tubes... but not the 15.00 for shipping =(
too bad... i'm really craving it!

Steph said...

I want a french press so bad! It is definitely on my want list. It makes such a difference in the taste. I work at Starbucks, so I've been looking to buy a really nice one with my discount.

Your oats look delicious as always :)

Anna said...

I love hummus and am going to have to try Dessert hummus ASAP!!! Is pumpkin your favorite flavor?

Sammie said...

My favorite dessert hummus is the Toasted Almond but the Pumpkin Pie is a close second. Honestly, all the flavors that I have sampled are DELICIOUS.

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