Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Working Late

Sorry this is going to be a quickie, Charlie just walked in the door.  My poor guy ended up working late and then he was sweet enough to pickup something at the grocery store for me.   I needed one ingredient to make the strawberry sauce for the cheesecake. 

I started with a delicious bowl of oatmeal after my 6.6 mile run in the great outdoors this morning.  Then it was off to the gym for my weekly babysitting shift. 



Lunch was a salad – red pepper, tomato, zucchini, summer squash, jicama, avocado, balsamic and a dash of salt.




I also consumed some soaked oats mixed with plain greek yogurt, cinnamon, 1/2 a pear and 1/2 a peach. 

I gotta get my grains and oats work best for me.




Then it was cheesecake baking time. 

D passed the time with some computer action. 




He didn’t want to stop looking at the screen long enough for me to snap a shot. 






I followed the King Arthur Flour recipe for an original cheesecake.  Here is the crust. 




All pressed in the pan.  It is not the traditional graham cracker crush but more of a pie dough variety. 




All the cheesecake goods. 




The finished product sans the strawberry sauce that I have yet to make.  I am serving it on the side per their request.




I whipped up something fun for myself tonight.  I made a cinnamon apple topping for my vanilla frozen yogurt. 



I cooked a peeled, cored and chopped apple in a nonstick pan until it was soft but not mushy.  I added cinnamon at the end of the cooking process.




It was so tasty and simple to make.




That is it my friends. I have a little monkey that needs to get to bed.  I hope you had a fabulous day.  See you tomorrow.

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Julie said...

That is the most perfect looking home made cheese cake I have ever seen.