Monday, August 31, 2009

What have I been doing?

Sorry to go MIA this weekend – I promise to share the goods with you now. Since Charlie had the day off on Friday, we decided to head into the city.  We went to Harvard Square for lunch to a pizza place called The Upper Crust.  There are multiple locations around the city but this one happened to be the one of our choice that day.  We have also been to the Beacon Hill and Brookline locations.  

Most of their pizzerias are very small (at least the 3 that we have been to) and always busy.



I love the pizza pans hanging from the ceiling. 




D was super excited to get his slice of pizza – he loves this place. 




As does Charlie.  He tried the slice of the day which was mushroom and Canadian bacon.




This was my first slice of pizza in months (I never attempted gluten free pizza). It was AMAZING. I love the super thin crust. 




After lunch we walked around Harvard Square for a while.  We ventured into Sweet since their cupcakes are all the rage.





Charlie tried the vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting.




D had a Caramel Macchiato which was super sticky from the caramel drizzle.  He mostly just wanted to lick the frosting off the top.  I think he is more of a frosting fan than a cake fan. 




We had a great day together in the city.

Other things that I have been up to over the weekend -

Lots of doughy goodness. 

I tried my hand at Whole Wheat Rolls (recipe from King Arthur). 




They came out fabulous. 





Look at how light and fluffy they are.  They taste so delicious.  I made 2 egg and cheese sandwiches on them for dinner last night.  I think next time I will make bigger rolls instead of 16 tiny ones. 




I also made a sweet dough. I think Charlie has been asking for a sweet bread treat for months now.  He literally ate a loaf of Brioche that I made a while ago in like one day (that was back before the blog so it was well over a year ago).  Yeah, he has been waiting a while. 

I made him Cinnamon Buns (recipe from King Arthur – can you tell I love their recipes).


DSC03922 DSC03923


Hot and steamy from the oven.





Iced and ready for eating.  I think I saw his eyes roll into the back of his head while he was eating one.  I guess you could say I did good. 

Some day I would really love my own bakery. I told Charlie my medium of choice is dough.  I love the work involved in creating all these delicious doughy delights.  As an artist I have that desire to get my hands involved – it is very therapeutic. 


DSC03929 DSC03928


Onto this morning.  I got my legs moving bright and early. I started with a 5.5 mile run and then finished the loop back to my house with a 2 mile walk.  It was a chilly yet refreshing start to the day.  I saw kids waiting for the bus today so I am guessing that today is the first day back to school.

Today’s bowl of oatmeal was a new concoction.  I bought a bag of hulled hempseeds at Whole Foods yesterday and decided to top my creamy bowl of oats with some.  




I cooked up 1/2 a cup of oats with 1/2 a cup of milk and 1/2 a cup of water.  I added cinnamon and a banana during the cooking process.  Once the mix was in my bowl I added a tablespoon of the hempseeds.

I love them!! They have a great nutty taste and mingled well with the sweetness from the banana and the cinnamon. I am definitely going to try some in my yogurt later. 




Ok, that is all for now. I have a soaker and a biga waiting to be kneaded into a loaf of bread.  I am not buying bread anymore so I must make sure that my guys have something to make a sandwich on.  This one is a new flavor.  Come back later for details – it looks like it is going to be a yummy one. 

Have a great day.


Erica said...

What a great weekend! I SO want to try making those rolls for Joshers. I know he would love them. D looks so cute with his hair cut

allijag said...

What an awesome weekend! D REALLY does look grown up with that new haircut :)

Anonymous said...

The pizza and cupcakes sound delicious! I'm glad everyone enjoyed it :)

Those recipes look killer! My hubby has been begging for cinnamon rolls for a while now too...hmm...haha.

Charlie said...

Cinnamon Rolls were killer! Tonight I shall eat one warm with vanilla gelato. Mmmmmmm.

lisampls said...

ok, now that's just unfair. i think i licked my computer screen sammie...

wishing i was your neighbor about now. those are some lucky lads in your house, lady. :)

Sarah M said...

Sammy, you are quite the baker! It all looks to die for. And those cinnamon rolls? You would have SO MANY customers lning up at your bakery. Yum!

Jac said...

Cinnamon rolls look so delish!!!!