Monday, August 24, 2009

Super Sloppy Bob’s

I was recently asked if I would like to try out Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce.  I checked the ingredients and they all seemed OK for my tummy but I really am not a bottle sauce kind of girl – well unless we are talking about ketchup which I am pretty sure I have confessed to my addiction to that stuff.  I asked Charlie if he would be willing to give it a taste test and blog about it since I might not be the one eating it.  Like the good sport he is, he agreed. I mean, he is getting food out of the deal. 

I went to Country Bob’s web site and searched the recipes.  I stumbled upon Super Sloppy Bob’s - now that sounds like something my man would LOVE.  I know he likes Sloppy Joes and it has been forever since he savored one of those messy beasts – a Sloppy Bob would sure take care of that. 

I followed the recipe but instead of putting all the ingredients in a slow cooker for 6 hours, I used a dutch oven and let the mix cook for about an hour and a half. It worked just fine. 

Charlie was pleasantly surprised when he saw this big guy on his dinner plate.



He tackled it like a champ.



I would say that is the face of a happy man. See I don’t deprive him of meat. I just like him to have a happy balance of veggie-riffic meals too.



I will turn things over to the man who actually ate the Sloppy Bob for a full review.

Hi, all.  Here are some quick thoughts on the Sloppy Bob’s featuring Country Bob’s All-Purpose Sauce.  It’s basically a brown sauce (aka steak sauce) that the company claims can be used on a variety of meats.

I tasted the sauce by itself just to get the flavor.  Using A1 Steak Sauce as the reference point, Country Bob’s is a bit sweeter, much smokier (which is a bit weird, since liquid smoke or the like isn’t on the ingredient list, unless it’s covered under “natural flavors”) and a bit smoother.  This is all good, since A1 is not what I consider an acceptable condiment at any time.  Country Bob’s takes the brown sauce away from the “spiked ketchup” direction of A1 and more towards a barbeque flavor, although it still retains the sharp tang.  You could definitely baste this onto chops or ribs.

So how was the Sloppy Bob?  Killer!  There was a depth of flavor that blows away your typical Sloppy Joe mix, and the onion and pepper chunks added great texture.  The overall flavor veered a bit towards chili rather than a conventional Joe, in fact, it seemed quite a bit spicier.  No discernible difference in sloppiness, though.  I’m betting that, kind of like chili, the flavors will mix and mellow a bit overnight in the fridge and it will be even better the second day (also true of Italian sausages that have stewed all day in sauce, by the way – mmm, I wonder if Mom is reading this hint hint).

I should mention that it’s been a long time since I had a Sloppy Joe, so comparisons are strictly from memory.  In fact, I am not sure I’ve had one since when Sammie and I shacked up back in the day.  Oh well.  I’ve eaten a lot of hummus instead, I guess.

Next up:  I plan to see how Country Bob’s goes with the sort of steak that I’d normally want to eat on it’s own, unadorned.  That will be the real test.

The bottom line for now, though, is if you are feeling a little nostalgic for a good ol’ Sloppy Joe then I definitely recommend locating a bottle of Country Bob’s and trying out the recipe Sammie used.

Surrogate meat blogger, out.

*update – Check out September 30, 2009 for a review of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce on a hamburger. 

Ok, back to Sammie’s eats.

Lunch today featured my homemade whole wheat bread.  I made an avocado and mozzarella cheese sandwich along with a salad which was topped with 365 Organic Sweet Relish. I am really loving this loaf of bread.


This afternoon I snacked on cottage cheese and a peach filled with almond butter.  Then I had to get to work on the dinner preparation.  It did not take too long but I wanted enough time for the meat and sauce to have time for the flavors to mingle. 



I was not partaking in the Sloppy Bob’s so I made myself something more “Sammie friendly”.  I cooked quinoa and then added a tahini sauce which I made with 1 tablespoon tahini, warm water, salt and pepper.  I squeezed fresh orange juice over the quinoa before adding the sauce. 

I also had a salad that contained lettuce, zucchini, summer squash, roasted red pepper and chick peas.  I squeezed some of the orange juice over the top of the salad too.  This meal was dynamite. I really do love quinoa – I must make it a point to eat it more often.



I will end this evenings post with a few photos of my sweet tart.  Hopefully he is off in dreamland by now.




I hope you had a great day.  Come back tomorrow for a little giveaway.


Rose said...

Oooh, that looks really good.

Anna said...

Super Sloppy Bob's looks so yummy, but it's def a man's meal!! It's tempting but I don't think I would eat it. I am not a fan of bottled sauce if it's not ketchup either

Grandpa said...

It's not "man food" unless the sauce is dripping down your forearm.

Mom says you'll have to wait until we get back from Maine for your hot sausage. I've been craving some too.