Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pesce Blue

I must start by saying THANK YOU!!! to my honey for recovering the photos that we took yesterday because I just deleted them off the camera before saving them to my computer.  He is a technological genius and was able to bring them back to life for me.  And now I can share our experience at Pesce Blue in Portsmouth NH. 

We ended up driving to Kittery Maine first so that Charlie could replenish his pants supply. The ones that he is currently wearing to work are looking a bit shabby.  He was able to find some great deals at the J Crew outlet. He ended up spending only $50 of our money and the rest he paid for with a gift card that Verizon sent us for signing up for Fios a few months ago.  It was a very successful shopping trip.

After spending a few hours in Kittery, we headed to Portsmouth NH.  We walked around exploring some of the shops for a while and then decided it was time for dinner. 



After a quick glance of the menu, we opted for Pesce Blue which seemed to have something that each of us could order.

The service was beyond stellar.  Our water glasses were continuously refreshed along with our silverware. 

At one point Charlie and D got up to use the restroom and a busgirl came over and refolded their napkins. 

Our waitress was fabulous and super friendly. She was very helpful with my dietary restrictions and happily double checked the ingredients used to assure me that I was not consuming soybean oil. 

For an appetizer we ordered Roasted Red Peppers and Pickled Vegetables.  D actually ate a ton of the Pickled Veg.  Is that the key to me getting him to eat some green?  Do I need to pickle everything? 

Both appetizers were delicious. 



D got a big bowl of Rigatoni.  They only charged us $4.50 for this massive bowl – that is a deal, especially since this restaurant is kind of fancy. 



Charlie ordered the Seafood Risotto and continuously commented on its deliciousness. He had a glass of red wine with his meal but I am not sure what exactly he got.  I am not a wine drinker so I am clueless when it comes to the stuff.  He really enjoyed the glass that he had so I guess he picked a good one.



My dish come with 2 different sea salts – Maine and French.  I did not use the salts since I felt that my meal was already well seasoned. I just wanted to share with you the little attention to details that this restaurant offers. 



For my dinner I ordered Grilled Halibut and a side of Grilled Vegetables.  The most unique veggie was the grilled fennel.  I am not a fan of fennel but grilling it – WOW!!!! – it was awesome.  I only wish there was more of it on the plate. 

The halibut was so clean and fresh tasting.  It really was a very enjoyable meal.



I highly recommend Pesce Blue. If you are in Portsmouth NH, you should definitely check this place out. 

We are off to a 1st birthday party this afternoon.  I hope the rain holds out so that the kiddies can play outside.  There is supposed to be a slip & slide for them to play on and I know that D, Rocco and Mackenzie will have a blast with it. 

I hope you have a great Sunday.


Erica said...

Two of my favorite spots! Porstmouth is just WONDERFUL. What a fabulous dinner!!! I recently tried halibut for the first time= totally delicious!

allijag said...

4.50 for that bowl???? what a steal! great family time :)

Charlie said...

I can't remember the label but the wine was a Sangiovese, which is pretty much my favorite red wine.

Olivia said...

I did that once with a bunch of pictures of the kids. I was SO upset, but Jack got them back for me. Guess technical genius runs in the family. :)

Pam (Highway to Health) said...

I looove Portsmouth. Next time I am up visiting family I will have to try out that place.

Anonymous said...

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