Monday, August 3, 2009

Party Fun

Despite the cloudy day we had yesterday, the kiddies had a blast at the birthday party.  It was actually great that we were not out in the hot hot.  The outdoor backyard BBQ was rather enjoyable. 

The kids loved splashing around in the little pools and slipping down the slip & slide.

This just proves that you do not need a fancy pool to entertain kids.  Any amount of water is always a hit.  At least with this crowd it was.


There was also slides and a clubhouse for the kids to play in.



D bobbed for an apple.



And then he ate it!!!!  That was a shocker.  His expression makes it seem like he did not like it but he really did.  He only ate half but that is better than nothing.



Everyone gathered around the birthday girl to sing Happy Birthday and to watch her experiment with a cake made just for her. I always love to see the little ones reactions to an entire frosted cake placed in front of them.



I love the birthday headband. She is such a doll.



She finally realized that the cake was there for her to eat.



She wanted to share some with her Grandma. 




The birthday girl and her daddy.  He and I have been friends our entire lives. 




D did some dancing on the porch.




The dynamic duo were very happy to be in each others company yesterday.  D has really missed his buddy.  My sis and her family were visiting my mom last week and they are actually heading back up there today.  D is bummed that Rocco is not around this week to play. 




So on a foodie note, I tried out a new cottage cheese yesterday. I purchased a Rachel’s Pear Mangosteen cup the other day since the store I was at did not have the Friendship’s brand which is my favorite. 




I mixed it with some soaked oatmeal. The cottage cheese was a little on the runny side but the flavor was delicious.  The saltiness married well with the sweetness from the fruit. 

I also added a drizzle of Almond butter.



I ate the oat mixture with a new combo that has been appearing on my menu lately. I mix chopped pear, chopped peach and avocado.  I love flavor of the avocado with the sweet fruit.  It is so light and summery feeling. 



Also still appearing in my AM bowl – Cinnamon Banana Blueberry Oats – soooo good!!!



I ate that bowl of deliciousness after my 6.5 mile run this morning. 

D got some bubbles at the party yesterday so we will be heading out in the backyard today to have some bubbly fun.  I hope you have a great Monday.


Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

I foresee a game of bobbing for broccoli in D's future... Who knew it was that easy?!

allijag said...

Backyard pools were always so much fun :) D looks like such a happy camper :)