Monday, August 17, 2009

My Knight in Shining Armor

If I need someone to come to my rescue I will just call on my Knight in Shining Armor. 




knight2  knight3


Prince Charming indeed!!!!




I was up and out super early for a 7 mile run which was, like always, fabulous.  It was so beautiful out there and the morning air was quite refreshing.

Breakfast was a super filling & delicious bowl of cinnamon banana oatmeal, topped with fresh blueberries and PB2.




At the Healthy Living Summit on Saturday we learned that natural lighting is the best for taking photos of food.  My house has very poor natural light but I am going to experiment with my camera a bit so that I can have more appealing pictures.  You can see my backyard in this shot. 




Well I have not given you a tummy update on D yet because we have not been back to see his gastroenterologist.  Today is the day!!!  We did hear that the biopsy was negative so at least we are not dealing with an inflammatory bowl disease.  D has actually been doing much better. He has been eating well and not complaining of tummy aches.

I am taking him to the appointment by myself because Charlie is just so busy at work, he could not take the time off.  I am really hoping that he does not have to have a blood test.  I might be resorting to bribery – whatever works right?  I will let you know what happens - lets hope that the Dr. has some good things to say. 

Happy Monday!!!  Enjoy your day.


*Erica* said...

Most def whatever works! Bribery is ALWAYS an option when dealing with kids and doctors. In fact, I am resorting to it myself this morning because Katie is going to get Kindergarten shots today...yikes!

I am so happy to hear of D's good biopsy!!! I have kept him on my prayer list every day...God is so good! Have a GREAT appointment and hopefully no blood work! *crossing fingers*

Nina said...

Sammie! It was so nice sitting with you at the HLS! I am going to add you to my blogroll, my ring twin :)
I hope D is feeling better!

Sammie said...

I hope that Katie's appointment isn't too traumatic. Thank you, thank you for praying for my little man.

I enjoyed chatting with you. I am going to hop over to your blog and check it out when I have a sec.