Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Arms are Still Shaking

This morning I decided to do Dave Farmar’s 90 minute Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Download class. I have actually done this class one other time and remembered it being TOUGH!  Well my arms are still shaking – it was quite a workout.  I am totally over the thinking that yoga is not a tough workout.  I used to think that way until I discovered power yoga. I started practicing yoga last year (not as much as I should) and it has been amazing.  I never would have thought that I (a person who can not sit in one place too long), would enjoy being on a yoga mat for 60, even 90 minutes.  I think the key to enjoying yoga is to find a style that you like.  Whether you are in it for deep breathing and stretching or for strength and flexibility.  During this particular class Dave leads you through continuous flows one right after the other. I was sweating and my heart rate was through the roof.  It was a great way to start my Thursday. 

Of course the breakfast afterward was not too shabby either.  My favorite bowl of yumminess.

Cinnamon Banana Oatmeal drizzled with PB2


Charlie is on his way to work with the cheesecake I made yesterday.



And the strawberry sauce topping that I was able to make before hitting the hay last night.

I followed the America’s Test Kitchen recipe which is just frozen strawberries, sugar, salt, lemon juice and reduced strawberry jelly.



D and I might head down to see daddy at work so that I can serve my masterpiece to all who requested it.  I never get to see their reaction so it would be nice to actually be their in person to see what they all think of it. 

I hope you have a great day.  Happy Thursday! 


Melissanibbles said...

That cheesecake looks divine! Seeing people's reactions is one of the best parts of cooking isn't it? I'm sure you'll see lots of smiles.

It took me a long time to get into yoga. The first time I tried it, I was bored and couldn't stop my mind from racing. I tried a few more classes and found that I liked Bikram Yoga. The hot yoga! Sweating out the day is so much fun.

Have a great day!

allijag said...

Why do you tease me with that delicious looking cheesecake? ;)