Tuesday, August 11, 2009

His First Yoga

Well I woke up this morning with a splitting headache so I decided to try and catch a few more ZZZZZ’s. Little did I know, the D Man had other plans for me.  He was awake around 5:45 and complaining to me that he was starving.  What was I going to do? I had to get up and feed him. I guess I did get a few extra moments of silence but not as much as my body was in need of. Oh well, a little caffeine in the form of a cup of tea did the trick.

When Charlie finally ventured downstairs he told me he was going to do yoga. Yup, that is right, he had his first yoga experience today.  He did the 10 minute yoga that came with the 10 Minute Trainer videos that I just purchased for him.  I joined in the yoga fun and did the DVD with him.  Let’s just say that he really needs yoga – the poor guy is so inflexible. 

After our 10 minutes of yoga, I made myself a bowl of cinnamon banana blueberry oatmeal.  The concoction contained 1/2 cup oats, lots of water, a banana, cinnamon, blueberries and PB2.  I am sure you all know the recipe by now, right?



I took my sidekick to the gym and did a run on the treadmill.  I managed to bang out 7 miles but honestly, I much rather prefer the pavement for a run that long.  It did feel good to get the blood pumping and thankfully my head ache was gone. 

D was kind of bummed that I would not let him take his Lego Millennium Falcon to the gym.  Can you image what would happen to all those pieces?  Yeah, it would have been a goner.  Regardless, he did admit to having fun playing with his buddies.



After the gym we came home and had lunch.  My camera battery was charging so no photo. It wasn’t anything new and exciting anyways.  It did contain 1/2 an avocado – I have been eating 1/2 an avocado for lunch for like 2 weeks straight now.  I eat the creamy deliciousness on gluten free toast – it spreads like butter – sooooooo yummy!!!! 

Dinner tonight was the usual ravioli & strawberries for the little man. 



I told him to say cheese but he decided to say “cheese ravioli”.



I made a bowl of savory oats again.  It was so scrumptious last night that it was worth a repeat.  This time I kept the veggies and the oats separate but added the veg to the egg mixture.  There was also a piece of swiss cheese somewhere in that mess.  It is not the prettiest of meals but it was darn tasty. 




I am waiting for my mom to call so we can have our weekly chat.  Tomorrow is a babysitting day so I am not going to stay up too late.  I hope you all had a great day.  See you tomorrow.


Julia said...

Hey Sammie,
I just watached the dancing video! It was so neat hearing your voice?!?! People always talk about putting a face to a name, but I think assigning a voice to a name is just as interesting. Do I detect the New England accent?! Anyway, I would love to see more video posts! Keep them coming. Might I suggest a foam roller stretching tutorial? Maybe a clip of Otto pup?

ratzxfink said...

Hi Sammie,

I love reading your blog and the pics you post up of your cute D! glad he;s doing well now!!!

I'm sure the oats with veggie and egg was yummy!!! looks yummy!!! i must try it someday! btw, i am curious how do you do your blueberry banana oats? it looks so good!

Sammie said...

Yes, I am born and raised in good old New England. I am glad that you like the video. If you would like to see Otto, he is in the videos that I made last week but I will be sure and include him in others. Thanks for the foam roller video suggestion (great idea), I will have to do that.

I cook the oats on the stove with water. During the cooking process I mash in a banana, toss in cinnamon and let it get all thick and creamy. After I pour the oats into the bowl I top it with fresh blueberries. If I am using frozen I add them at the end so they thaw and turn the oats a pretty shade of purple. I hope you enjoy - it is tasty.

Thanks for the comments ladies! I love them.

ratzxfink said...

Thanks Sammie!

gonna try it!!! Have a great day! :P