Thursday, August 13, 2009

D on the T

This afternoon D and I did some crafting with sticky letters and construction paper.  The simplest things turn out to be quite a lot of fun. 




Now that is a kid who looks like he is enjoying himself.



Speaking of fun, I took D on his first commuter rail train ride today.  We ventured into Boston to meet up with some of my fellow bloggers. 

He was really excited to be on the commuter rail. 



I took along some reading material to help pass the hour train ride.



Once we arrived in the city, we had to walk to the meet up location – JP Licks

We got to meet some of the HLS master minds. 

Here are Heather & Tina inside the funky ice cream shop. 



And my little sweet tart enjoying his sweet frosty treat. That is my Peanut Butter nonfat soft serve next to him too.  I really wasn’t crazy about the flavor so I only ate a little before giving up on it.




Look who else D got to meet.  It was so great to see Kath again (it was Ds first time meeting her)  and to finally meet sweet Jenna.  D is quite fond of Jenna. He was still talking about her when we got home.  



Mark was kind enough to take multiple group photos for all the bloggers. 




The D Man was of course his usual goofy self.



It was really fun taking D into the city and a bit of an adventure for us on our own.  Mommy is getting adventurous in her old age.  Speaking of age, tomorrow is my last day in my twenties.  Yes, that is right, Saturday I will be 30 – YIKES!!!!  At least I get to spend my birthday with a group of fabulous people.  I am so excited to be attending the Healthy Living Summit.  On Saturday night, Charlie and D will be joining in the festivities for dinner.  D is looking forward to seeing his new friend again.

I am now beat and ready to hit the hay.  Taking a 4 year old into the city is actually more work than you would think. I am pretty sure it was a lot of stress on my mind. I was just so concerned that he was next to me the entire time.  Plus the little bugger wanted a lift on the walk back to the train station – he is heavy!  I hope you all had a great day.  See you tomorrow.


Erica said...

Such a great blogger meet up! I love D in the center of the picture- adorable!

traveleatlove said...

Just found your blog through Tina's. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!

Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

Oh I wish we had made it to Boston. Can you imagine Gracie and D in the same place? We'd have to warn the vegetarians, there would be an abundance of HAM.

Have so much fun!!!

*Erica* said...

What a great day! I was thinking of you and hoping that you were going to HLS! Lucky you! And what fun for D yesterday...looks like he was the star of the show! What a doll! Have fun this weekend!!!

Sarah (Running To Slow Things Down) said...

Just found your blog through Tina's...I love how much fun you girls are all having in Boston. Such a great city to have a healthy living summit in. :D I wish I could have gone...maybe next year! :D

Sammie said...

So nice to see some new faces. Welcome ladies, I hope you enjoy reading about my crazy life.

I wish you were here too. D and Gracie would make a great duo. They would steal the show.
I would love to have another Mommy to hang with, I felt like the old lady of the group.

Amy@ What Do I Eat Now? said...

i wish i had known you were going! how did you get a ticket to the summit? : (

i would have brought olivia.. lol

did you hear that Lindsay's sister Taryn is pregnant? im sure only the entire universe knows now!! lol