Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bike Riding and a Giveaway

This morning I headed to the gym to babysit because one of the other sitters asked me to switch with her.  D’s little girlfriend was there and he was soooooo excited to see her – he is a lady’s man.

The weather has been so fabulous today so this afternoon we got some fresh air and D rode his bike.  I made a quick video for you all.



Here is a quick rundown of some of my eats today. 

After my 6.6 mile run I consumed a very delicious bowl of Strawberry& Blueberry Oats (no bananas in the house).  It was AMAZING!!!



Lunch was zucchini spears and an avocado & mozzarella sandwich on homemade whole wheat bread.



I also had a Vanilla Chobani, an apple and PB2 for dipping.



That’s all I photographed today – dinner was a typical salad and another cheesy sandwich.  I was hot and in no mood to cook.  Thankfully Charlie was willing to eat a leftover Sloppy Bob.

The D man and I had a blast tooling around the school parking lot near our house.  He is really getting good with his bike skills.



Now for the giveaway.  Country Bob’s sent me 2 bottles of All Purpose Sauce.  So I am going to share it with you (the unopened one of course).  To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite condiment is and what is your favorite thing to eat with it.  I am sure you all can guess mine – KETCHUP!!!!  I could seriously eat it on just about anything but I would have to say I love it on eggs.

I will pick a winner tomorrow night.  See you later – enjoy your night.

*The Giveaway is now closed.  Thanks to those who entered.


Betherann said...

Fruit salsa (like mango or peach)!!! And guacamole!!! And both at once -- even better... :)

Meredith said...

Umm right now my favorite condiment is horseradish mustard! Spicy and good on just about anything.

Love the bike video! Reminds me of being a kid and riding in endless circles in our cul-de-sac all summer.

Laura E said...

I also love ketchup! My favorite way to eat it is on homemade hashbrowns or fries!

Julia said...

I LOVE your videos! I am obsessed with your NE accent.


Kath said...

Haha - LOVE that he called it a cul de sac!!

Sammie you have such a northern accent!!

Julia said...

Also, with a wee one and such, I was curious how many hours of sleep you get each night? approx? I seem to remember you're an early riser so I was wondering what time was sammie's bedtime :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, kids and bikes...it's one scene that makes me smile, because I always remember the first time I rode a bike...my dad was "holding" on to the back but he was lying and I biked for miles and miles talking to an invisible man before realizing I was biking by myself and crashed into a tree...

Anyway, I like cranberry relish! It's PERFECT on top of turkey burger with some goat cheese and caramelized onions! Yum~

Liz23 said...

I love salsa and of course I love it with chips or with beans and rice! D has such a cute bike!!

Sammie said...

I really do not have a set bedtime. I usually go to bed when my body tells me it has had enough. That is usually before 10. But I have been known to be in bed at 8:30.

It is so funny to hear you all say that I have such an accent. I really did not think I did.
I love all your comments - keep em coming.

Sarah said...

D is just too cute!

My favorite condiment is hummus and I love it most on steamed broccoli!

Valerie said...

My favorite condiment is ketchup too! I love it with sweet potato fries.

Chelsea said...

my fav. condiment is definatly ketchup- I put it on everything! But only Annie's Organic- no HFCS for me!

laura* said...

My favorite condiment is soy sauce...but a very close second is ketchup!

Sammie said...

I agree, the organic no HFCS is much better. I love Organic Ville no sugar added - so yummy!!

haylee said...

Pickles or Garlic (if they count :D). My poor husband....he is not a fan of any condiments let alone garlic and pickles, but I could add these to anything and be happy. Ketchup also but I thought I'd do something different.