Thursday, July 30, 2009

We have talent

Today D and I managed to stay pretty busy doing a bit of this and that.  First we went to story hour at the bookstore.  Unfortunately the subject of today’s reading was Fancy Nancy and D is not a fan – not enough fighting and blowing things up for his manly taste.  Mommy on the other hand quite enjoys a little bit of a girly time.  The craft we got to make was a tissue paper flower with a pipe cleaner stem. Guess who had more fun making this?  Hey I am easily amused what can I say. 



We ran home for a quick lunch and to let Otto outside to take care of  his business.  Then we went back out to again to Plaster Fun Time

I painted a butterfly.



And D painted a pirate flag.  I know you all would love to have this master piece hanging in your house but it is not for sale.  This is truly a work of art that I will NEVER part with.  I love how the gold paint managed to cover up the majority of his piece.  We are a family with talent. 




Tonight we got to do something that we never get to do during the week – all 3 of us at dinner together.  Charlie left work a little early so I planned dinner accordingly.

Charlie had a salad with left over chicken, spinach, cuke, black olives, sunflower seeds and drizzled with olive oil and vinegar. 




D had pasta with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Those are his strawberries in the blue bowl too.  No veggies consumed but at least there was color in his meal. 





I had exactly what I mentioned this morning – leftover veggies from last night with cottage cheese and hummus.  I added chick peas to the mix this time.  It was delicious. 




This evening I did a little Shredding – levels 1 & 2.  Since I did not get in any weights this morning (just a run), I wanted to try and fit them in tonight.  Wow what a killer.  Two at one time is a great workout.  I remember a few months ago I did all 3 back to back and that was tough.  I definitely got in a great workout in only 40 minutes.  Now if I could just get my hubs to give it a shot – he is gonna kill me for that one. I am always bugging him about exercising. I actually just got him Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer workout set.  I mean come on, he has ten minutes to spare.  He said that he was going to do try it tonight.  Let’s see if he does. 

I hope you had a great day.  Time to go relax and chug some water – I am thirsty. 


Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

Gracie has a Fancy Nancy costume. It fits me. Chris likes it.

I'm kidding, and sleep deprived.


allijag said...

Such a crafty day :) love it!