Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Foods for Me and a Panini for my Man

While I was on vacation I developed a LOVE for avocados.  I used to think that they upset my tummy but I am pretty sure that it was something else in my diet.  I have been eating 1/2 an avocado for lunch practically every day for the past week and my belly is fine.  I usually buy the Haas variety – man those babies are super creamy.  I decided to give the Florida ones a try this week.

Obviously it looks much different on the outside than the Haas. 




The inside was much lighter but the flesh cut the same.  The texture was less creamy and the taste was very mild.  I am sticking with Haas from now on.  It was worth a try but really I can’t live without the amazing flavor the the Haas avocado offers.




I have been eating 1/2 an avocado with gluten free bread and swiss cheese and it really does hit the spot.  I added a little mustard to the bread for a little salty goodness. I adore mustard, especially Rays Mustard which I happen to be out of my favorite flavor. I really need to order more. 




Another new product I picked up at the store was a 5% Fage Greek yogurt. 

I have had the 0% and the 2% so I thought that I would try this one too. I was hoping that the extra fat content would add some staying power.




I mixed the yogurt with 1/2 a cup uncooked oatmeal, strawberries, blueberries and a drizzle of honey. I did taste the yogurt plain before jazzing it up.  It was much more bitter than the other varieties and very thick.  Honestly, I much prefer the Chobani Plain nonfat to this one.  Chobani is just so creamy and mild enough that the bitterness is not over powering.  I also LOVE Trader Joe's 0% Plain Greek yogurt but I have not been there in a while so Chobani has been my yogurt of choice (I can buy it at Stop & Shop).  I am not really sure that the fat content made that much of a difference.  The oats bulked up the mix and it did stay with me pretty well.  I am glad that I tried it because I do like to taste test different yogurt.  It was just not “knock my socks” off amazing. 




On another food note, I have been trying to make Charlie more interesting dinners this week.  I was feeling like the stuff I was making was a bit boring.  I mean, I want my man to look forward to coming home from work to a yummy dinner.  I never use the indoor grill that we bought ages ago so last night I dusted it off and used it as a Panini press.

I layered cooked chicken breast with spinach and mozzarella cheese between 2 slices of homemade English Muffin bread which I made on Sunday.  I brushed the outside of the bread before placing it on the grill. I did let the grill preheat for about 10 minutes before pressing the sandwich. I think that really helped get that crunchy exterior and lovely grill marks. 

Charlie loved his dinner.  I am going to have to use this little indoor grill more often. 


DSC03189 DSC03190


This afternoon D and I went to visit my Nana after our babysitting shift at the gym.  We headed outside to Nana’s garden which is looking like a jungle – she is an amazing gardener.  I got some good loot – I will share that with you tomorrow. 

My Nana’s neighbor has 2 little girls who D has played with in the past.  They were outside today filling up a kiddie pool.  I asked D if he wanted to go play with them – what kid is gonna turn that offer down when it is 90 degrees?  He had a blast splashing around even thought the water was FRIGID!!!  He thought it was funny to keep coming over to me and give me soggy wet hugs.  Since I let him hop in with his shorts and undies, he had to go home as a burrito. 



Well my mom just called so I am going to go and chat with her for a few.  I hope you had a great day.  See you tomorrow. 


allijag said...

D is such a ham :)

how's his stomach been holding up??

Anonymous said...

Elise just posted that she bought that SAME avocado/mango thingy, and said the exact same thing! haha that's why I love blogging :D I can save some $$ here and there with everyone's reviews!

Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

Your little girl is so cute ;)

Talking to you was a major highlight of my day, Sammie! I so wish we lived closer, I know we would be the greatest of mommy friends!

Hope you guys have a great day on Thursday!

Charlie said...

And that was indeed a fine sandwich.

Declan's belly has been doing better, thanks.