Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Learn Something

Good morning.  I hope you all are off to a good start.  I started my day with my favorite activity – RUNNING.  I ventured out for a 6.5 mile run and it was absolutely gorgeous outside this morning.  When I got back home, I opened the door and D’s face was right there.  He actually startled me and I jumped in surprise when I saw him.  I showered up and made us breakfast.  He requested a waffle.

“Oh mommy, not another picture”


There is that handsome smile.



Mommy had her big bowl of oats. Look at the lovely layer of PB2 sauce – it was scrumptious.



Today I cooked 3/4 cup oats with LOTS of water. Before all the water was absorbed I added 1/2 a scoop of Jay Robb Vanilla Rice Protein, cinnamon and a banana. Once the oats made it to my bowl, I added the star ingredient – PB2 mixed up with more water to create that saucy effect. 

I was reading an article today about eggs and I learned something.  I always enjoy little tid bits of info and this article was full of them. I have always wondered why my the eggs I get from my Nana are so hard to peel when I hard boil them. Well, according to the article, the fresher the eggs the harder they are to peel. The eggs from Nana couldn’t be more fresh. 

I am still getting things set for the trip tomorrow.  I have D’s stuff all packed, my clothes are all packed and most of my laundry is clean.  I want to return to a clean house so I am off to tidy things up.  We are leaving right after I get back from work tomorrow.  I tried to get someone to switch with me but I had no luck.  Oh well, we will just arrive in PA a little late.

We are heading over to my sis’s house in a little while to watch her kiddies this afternoon.  D will be so thrilled to see his best buddy.  Tonight I am getting my hair cut and I am going to attempt to have my hairdresser try to tame D’s mane – he really likes it long.  He is the ring bearer in the wedding we are going to on Friday so a decent hair cut is in order for my little sweet tart. 

The offer is open if anyone wants to plan a meet up while I am in the Pittsburg area.  Send me an e-mail at samantha.otoole@verizon.net

Enjoy your day. 


Erica said...

I've heard that about eggs before! I always want to hard boil a batch right when I get them home from the store and I always convince myself to wait!!Hope you guys have fun at the wedding this weekend

AzLinda said...

D's a cutie! He's gonna make such a cute ringbearer :D

So true about the eggs, have to hard boil the least freshest ones first. The peel just slips off them. I always have two cartons, one for boiling, and the other fresh ones for using in recipes where I want fresh eggs..lol

ElizMichelle said...

I'm so curious...what is your PB2 sauce you frequently have?

Sammie said...

It is made with PB2 powder. You can check it out at www.bellplantation.com. I mix the powder with water and then drizzle - it's that simple.

HeatherBakes said...

D is looking good! Glad he's feeling better.

Interesting about the eggs- I remember learning in class that different grades are better for different dishes (AA for frying, A for omelettes, B for baking...).

polly said...

Eggs! My momma told me that, I was shocked! Fresh ones are yummy, so I guess we'll have to per-fect the "peel" my sweet Sammie.

Okay, I am SAD we won't see each other this trip... but when you get to the closes point to Fort Wayne... yell "hi Polly!!!" and I might hear you. :)

D, you are too cute. Your mommy only takes pics of handsome guys, so get used to it. :)

Have fun on your trip Charlie, Sammie, and Declan!!!!