Wednesday, July 8, 2009

His last meal and tattoos

Starting tomorrow morning the only things that D can consume are Jell-O, Italian Ice, juice, ginger ale, popsicles and obviously water. Nothing with red dye as it might interfere with what the doctor is seeing.  So I asked him to pick a non-red Jell-O flavor and he chose lime. 



I made him some star shaped jigglers as well as a big bowl, he is well stocked.  Breakfast tomorrow will be fun. What shall it be – sugar or more sugar?  Just as long as it isn’t anything solid.  He is going to be on a sugar high ALL day tomorrow.  This should be fun.  If he starts getting loopy on me I promise to video it for some blog entertainment.



This afternoon we also made some Shrinky Dinks – a favorite past time around my homestead.



I am not sure who enjoys it more – D or Mommy? 



Here are the finished pieces. Can you guess which one is D’s? 



We also got some fancy Star Wars tattoos. He asked if he had to get needled – that cracked me up.  He was so afraid it was going to hurt. Since it did not, he is now addicted and keeps asking for more. And he is so not looking forward to a shower because he does not want them to wash off – great I just created a dirt ball. 



I asked him what he wanted his last solid meal to be.  Of course it was a hamburger with bacon.  I could not let him down so I asked Charlie to pick him up a burger from their favorite burger joint on the way home. 

That burger is the size of his head. 



He was thrilled to get his burger. Now explain why he barely ate any of it.  Ugh, his last meal was not even a meal.  I wouldn’t even go so far as to call it a snack.  He is going to be hungry later.  He can eat until midnight and I fully intend to feed him what he wants until then. 



On the way home daddy made a little detour to the comic book store. 



He hooked D up with his favorite Sonic comics and the new Naruto book in the series that he is reading.  These will come in handy tomorrow when I am stuck in the house with him all day. 



Ok onto my afternoon eats.  I had some of the Chia Goodness and Greek yogurt for an afternoon snack. This stuff is really crunchy – love it!



For dinner I busted out a packed meal – something that I NEVER eat.  I found this Bombay Potatoes meal at the natural health food store yesterday. 



The nutrition facts looked good despite the sodium but I don’t consume that much sodium during my other meals so I figured this would not kill me.  I liked that I could pronounce everything in the list of ingredients. If I can not then I always put the package back on the shelf and move on. 



I filled 1/2 a roasted acorn squash with the potato and chickpea mix then added a dollop of Greek yogurt.  Oh boy, I now wish that I bought another one.  This stuff was AMAZING!!!  It was spicy and sweet.  I love the flavor and texture that was going on in my mouth with this dinner. 



I also ate the other half of the acorn squash drizzled with PB2.  No one has to force me to eat my vegetables.  This was also stellar.  I really did good with this meal tonight.  I have a full and happy tummy. The great thing is this dinner did not take long to whip up.  I did have to give myself plenty of time to roast the squash but since I was home this afternoon that was easy.



Currently, my guys are engrossed in a game of Lego Star Wars on the Wii. That is their nightly ritual after dinner  and their father/son bonding time. 

I am not going to be too picky about D getting to bed early. The next 2 days are going to be rough. I had to give him his first dose of Milk of Magnesia this morning and he is about to get another.  On awakening tomorrow he gets 2 more tablespoons and then at bedtime tomorrow he gets to enjoy 2 more tablespoons.  My poor little guy is preparing to get “cleaned out”.  That too is part of the reason why I should probably stay close to the potty that he is comfy with tomorrow. 

I hope you had a great day. See you tomorrow.


allijag said...

I mean -that is NO exaggeration that the burger is the size of his head! Silly boy! D's lucky to have such a nice momma who takes care of him and helps him figure out what makes his belly made! good luck wiht all the tests!

amy said...

i have been meaning to delurk for some time. i enjoy your blog, admire your running ability and how attentive you are to your son!
hope he is okay.
amy from los angeles

Jaime said...

hey there! omg he is TOOO adorable with that burger!!!!!!!

i hope everything works out with D-- i know it will!!! and im sure itll be soon!!! it is no fun to be a lil kid with an achy tummy (i had sooo many tummy troubles as a little one!) but he is SOOO lucky to have such a wonderful mum like you! :) xoxoxo

Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

I am totally thinking about you guys. I can't wait until you get this all figured out. Poor little monkey.

HeatherBakes said...

I ALWAYS wanted to make shrinky dinks as a kid but we never did! I'm so excited that they're still around.

Hope everything is okay with D- keep up posted!

Anonymous said...

Oh Yum! i never have thought to drizzle peanut butter of squash before, but looking/thinking about it, I will definitely have to try that sometime.
(Ps, my little cousin loves naruto too~ :) )