Thursday, July 2, 2009

He was Amazing

D survived the Barium Swallow yesterday (as did mommy & daddy) – he was amazing.  I was so proud of his bravery and he did not complain or fuss once. 

He got to wear some fancy threads for the test. I have never seen a hospital johnny that small – he looked so cute.



Here he is next to the contraption that the doctor uses to look at his tummy as he drinks the delicious barium smoothie. He sucked that stuff down without a problem even though he said it was yucky – what a trooper.



We had to wait a while to let the barium travel through his digestive system. Thankfully they had a waiting area where he could watch cartoons.  Yesterday we allowed bubby to leave the house. Normally we do not but with the testing the past couple of weeks we have been stretching the rules a bit. The only time he sucks his thumb is when he has his bubby so that is why we like to limit it – I don’t want him to have issues with his teeth. 



We were finally able to leave the hospital around 4 – man these tests take a while. 

When we got home he had dinner and dessert – he was famished.  I let him pick WHATEVER he wanted to have for dinner. He chose a bacon sandwich.  Not the healthiest choice but I did say that he could pick and I could not go back on my word.  Look at my little muffin with his belly happy and full. 



I did manage to feed myself some yummy food yesterday.  Here are a few things but obviously not all.  I did start my day with the usual blueberry banana oats.  I had to babysit at the gym so off I went while my guys hung out at home.  The kids room was a MAD HOUSE. But everyone seemed to be having a good time.  I missed having my sidekick with me. 

Lunch was a salad (lettuce, black beans, grape tomatoes, zucchini & red pepper) topped with an egg and cottage cheese.



I also had an apple and yogurt with cinnamon.



My dinner was another salad.  This time I had lettuce, bell pepper, chickpeas, cottage cheese, grapes and tomato (I made Charlie a BLT so I threw the rest of the tomato in my salad).  I also had a sweet potato – can’t get enough of those guys lately.

Dessert was the star of the show.  I had lots of fruit – cantaloupe, watermelon and blueberries with a scoop of Mango Sorbet.



After dinner we had some family time and played a game. Otto always has to join in the fun.  I have no idea why he lays on Charlie like that but he does it ALL the time – crazy Otto.



There was goofy business too.






He finally let daddy take our picture – he was being a little stinker.  I am pretty sure I bombarded him with the camera as I was trying to capture our experience at the hospital.  Good for your viewing and my mom. 



So the doctor administering the test did not see anything abnormal – that is a plus.  He is going to send the pictures to D’s gastroenterologist for him to view since he his the specialist. Fingers crossed for some answers.

Moving on to today (are you still with me – I feel like I am writing a book). 

I was up early and out the door for a run. I managed to bang out 7.5 miles and make it home before the thunder and lightning storm. I am so glad that I did not get caught it that mess. 

After lots of stretching and cleaning off the filth I made my breakfast. Yup, blueberry banana oats again.

So simple yet oh so scrumptious.

Only five ingredients to a marvelous bowl of yumminess - oatmeal, cinnamon, banana, blueberries and PB2 (ok 6 if you want to count the water that I cook the oats with).



I am not sure what me and my little sweet tart are going to do today. It is still raining – would it please stop!!!!  This weather is really getting to be ridiculous.  Maybe we will venture to story hour – it’s been a while since we did that. I also have not seen my Nana in a few weeks and she just got some new baby chicks. I know D would love to go check them out – maybe a trip to Nana’s is in order. 

Any plans for the 4th? We are invited to fireworks at one of our friends house tonight. His town sets them off early I guess.  If it is raining we will not be going.  Charlie has tomorrow off – woo hoo!! Not sure what the plan for Friday is. And then Saturday I want to take D to see that firework display that our town puts on. 

  I hope you all have a great one.  Thanks for stopping by today. 


polly said...

hi sweetie!
What a wonderful post! YAY for bacon sammies... D, you sound like abbers. :)

I hope and pray you get some answeres for D's belly and what a lovely picture of you two together! You are so pretty, Sammie girl! You and Charlie are such great parents, that D is a blessed little guy.

Yes, I'd love to plan your party!! We'd have almond butter on yummy fruit and some yogurt for Sammie and some chicken-almond butter wraps and of course oatmeal appetizers. ;) What fun we'd have chatting up a storm.

Have a wonderful thankful Thursday! Just got done teaching yoga (6th class in 4 days... momma is POOPED!) and off to Target we go!! Woohoo! XOXO

p.s. Are you reading Psalms 31-61 with me? XOXO

allijag said...

Glad to hear D was such a trooper! What a brave guy! Also - glad to hear so far so good with the test results! I'm keeping you guys in my thoughts!

Erica said...

Hi girl! So glad he did ok - I'm sure that stuff he had to drink was super yucky (def a trooper!). Have fun this weekend and I hope the test gives you some answers! For the fourth, we're headed to Hilton Head, SC- can't wait!

Rose said...

I just scanned through your pictures (had to read quick - at work), and I just wanted to say that you have such a beautiful family!

Kath said...

Go D! He is so cute in his gown :)