Monday, July 27, 2009

D's First Coaster

For almost nine years now, I have been hearing stories from Charlie, about the fabulousness of Kennywood Park. Last Monday he got the opportunity to show D and I exactly why he adores this amusement park.

I was not sure if D would want to hang with the big kids or if we would end up spending the day in Kiddieland. To our surprise, he rode every ride in the park that he was tall enough to go on and did not venture into the land of kiddies at all.

The very first ride we went on was the Jack Rabbit - his first roller coaster. He loved every second of it so much that as soon as the ride stopped he requested that we go on again right away. We hopped back in line and boarded the coaster for a second time. Charlie captured the second ride which for some reason D was acting scared. He really did love it because he would have gone on a third time if we let him but there was more park to explore.

The angle is a little off so just tilt your head to the side. I will try to get Charlie to adjust the view later. For now this will have to do - I am not that computer savvy. At least I got the video uploaded.

There is still more Kennywood highlights to come. Have a great morning. I'll post more fun later today.


Erica said...

hahaha D is SO freaking cute. Awesome that you captured that on film :) Since I went to Penn State I have a lot of friends from the Burgh and they always talked about that place!!

Enjoy your Monday

Rose said...

Kennywood! I've gone there a billion times. We lived super close :)

*Erica* said...

How fun! Love that it is on video!

Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point said...


Kath said...

Hahaha - that video is so cute!!!