Friday, July 3, 2009

D and the Chicks

Yesterday we went to visit Nana and her new batch of chicks.  Nana already has hens but her neighbors love the fresh eggs so she decided to get more to keep up with the demand.  She was raised on a farm so this sort of thing is her element.


D really enjoyed being able to feel their soft feathers.




They will stay in this box until she feels that they are ready for the coop.  She said that these new chickens will have to be in a separate coop than the old hens. The old girls will not accept the new competition. 



These chicks are about 3 weeks old.  She got them when they were just hatched.  My Nana has such a nurturing heart – these chickens got a great home. 



On my way home I stopped at a fish market near my Nana’s house.  This place has the best selection and you can’t beat their prices for fresh seafood. 

Last week I was sent a can of Old Bay to try out as they are celebrating their 70th year Anniversary. 



In my package I was also sent a Seafood Steamer Bag.  I used the bag but not the seasoning that came with it – it had maltodextrin in the ingredient list which is one of the things that I avoid on my wheat free diet. 

I cooked a pound of shrimp with 1 tsp Old Bay in the microwave as per the Steamer Bag instructions. 

Let me just say that cleaning one pound of fresh shrimp was a major pain in the behind. I always purchase pre-cleaned (the yucky vein removed) but all that Fresh Catch offered was un-cleaned or cooked.  It took me almost an hour to peel and clean the shrimp.



I also bought some fresh wild caught halibut.  I made parchment pouches for the fish and baked them in the oven. 

I topped each piece of fish with salt, pepper and two slices of lemon before sealing up the pouch.



The shrimp tasted great – I love the spiciness of the Old Bay seasoning.  And the halibut was divine.  It was so moist and flaky. The lemon flavor really brightened the freshness and it tasted so CLEAN.

I really need to start cooking fish more often.  I only spent about $16 dollars and honestly that is way better then going out to dinner for seafood.  We would have spent triple that amount. I had a sweet potato with my dinner and Charlie had a white potato.  If I may toot my own horn – I did good with this meal.  The added bonus was we both could eat it and I did not have to make 3 different dinners last night. 

For dessert I had a bowl of watermelon and grapes. After that I was stuffed.



I ended up getting a BAD headache last night and had to go to bed at like 8 o’clock.  I felt like such an old lady but my head was KILLING.  I slept until about 5, which for me is like sleeping in. 

I ventured out for a run in the misty morning air.  I swear that all my runs the past few weeks have been in the rain, drizzle or mist.  Not once have I come back and not been damp from some sort of precipitation.  I did a nice 6.5 mile run and then once I was home I did a weight circuit using my dumbbells.

After a much needed shower it was oat time.  I am sure you can guess what was in my bowl – the usual blueberry banana combo. 



Charlie has the day off from work today and my two guys are currently playing their Lego Star Wars video game.  I think that we are going to try to have some family fun today. I am not sure what that is at the moment but just being together is fun for this mama. 

I need to go and get some things accomplished around the house and then get those two turkeys away from the TV.  I hope you have a great day.  Happy Friday!!


pol said...

oooh Nana! Love her.

Have a happpy Friday, sweetness. Hope your head is happy today, no more hurting Sammie! We picked raspberries this AM while Abbi was at golf. It's really CHILLY today! My bowl of oats with fresh berries was very Sammie-ish. :) You would have loved a bite.

Love you!!! Have a wonderful day, my sweet friend!! XOXO Hugs to D and Daddy, so fun to have them home for a 3 day weekend! My D is home today too. XOXO

K from ksgoodeats said...

Awww the baby chicks are so cute!! Sorry to hear about the headache :( I hope it's all gone now!