Friday, July 3, 2009

But Daddy you don’t run

Today once the sun finally came out (yeah, it did not last – we ended up with thunder storms in the afternoon), Charlie decided to go for a run. When he told me he was going to head out, D said “But Daddy you don’t run”.  That really cracked me up. Now when I first met Charlie he exercised all the time. I did, in fact, meet him at the gym.  Well for some reason, he stopped.  I think that he wants to get back into it but is having a hard time finding the time.  I just had to tease him today and you get join in the fun.



I definitely do not have the same reaction to running as he does – can’t you see the love?


running2  running3

At least he stretches.



And off he goes.  He actually mooned me on his way across the lawn. Yes my husband is a thirteen year old.  I did snap a photo but I will spare you the x-rated content.



He made it back alive and did admit that he had to walk up the hill that leads to our house.  I think in total he ran about a mile.  Hey, better than nothing. I am proud of him for getting a little exercise.  As you can tell, we are complete opposites in that department.

After lunch we ventured out to the mall. I got to browse Anthropologie.  I found some really cute things but there ways no way I could drop $$$$ on clothes.  I tried on a bunch of things which I did enjoy.  D just had to go to the Lego store and of course the softies that we are, we ended up buying him more Lego Star Wars. My house is being taken over by small itty bitty pieces of plastic.

When we got home I made a sweet potato filled with black beans and chickpeas then drizzled on some PB2. I also ate the left over shrimp from last night.  I thought that I snapped a photo but I guess I did not.  Sorry, this post will have to be all Charlie pictures and no food. 

The fireworks we were going to see tonight got canceled again – darn weather.  So I am not really sure what I am doing this fine evening.  Maybe I will watch a movie.  I hope you had a fabulous day.  See you tomorrow.


polly said...

love this post! Woohoo Charlie the running stud muffin. :) Sammie you make me smile. that cracked me up that Charlie mooned you. Dan would totally do that. We are blessed women to have guys who bare their buns for the heck of it. hehehe

Hugs to you, honey!! Have a sweet weekend with your sweet guys! XOXO

K from ksgoodeats said...

YAY CHARLIE!!! Hahah at the mooning!