Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Best Way

to eat whipped cream

is straight from the can to the mouth

squirt squirt2 squirt3 squirt4

Now that is a happy boy.



We do not always have whipped cream in the house but when we do the majority of it gets enjoyed just that way.  D LOVES whipped cream and when he is cranky we give him a hit and that always cheers him up.  Who wouldn’t smile after a mouth full of that creamy goodness? 

How do you like your whipped cream? I like it on ice cream and of course when it is chilly out, nothing is more comforting then a warm cup of cocoa topped with a pretty swirl of white.

See you tomorrow.  I have to babysit in the AM so I will not be posting until the afternoon. 

Nighty night!! 


AzLinda said...

Aww, how cute he is with that big ole smile!

I love whipped cream on top of jello. Yum!

Rose said...

So cute!

We are the same way as D about whipped cream :)

polly said...

that's how Abbers eats it!!! :)
Happy Wednesday, Sammie girl. XOXO

HeatherBakes said...

OMG- that is so cute!!! I'm with D- straight out of the can :)