Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wash It

Thankfully washing my Polar HRM strap did the trick.  I wore it to the gym today and it worked properly the entire time. If you have one and do not wash it in the washing machine, go ahead, it will work better or in my case actually work.  I did read that you should wash it in the owners manual but I thought that tossing it in the washing machine might destroy it. I have a front loader washing machine which is much more gentle on clothes so I don’t have to worry about the strap getting wrapped around the oscillator.  I am just happy that it works since I have only had it for maybe 6 months.  Now I know how to properly care for it and that should make it last a good long time. 

This morning I made myself another BIG GREEN.  Into the Vita-Mix went my trust combo of Almond milk (half plain and half vanilla – I ran out of vanilla), 1 tbsp Chocolate Rice Protein, stevia, 2 cups of Organic Baby Spinach and lots of ice.



I also made a very yummy bowl of oats.  Today I added frozen blueberries to the pot after the oatmeal was finished cooking.  They helped cool it down and made the oats a lovely shade of purple – my favorite color. 



I drizzled on about a tsp worth of Chocolate PB2 sauce (my sample is now gone but no worries I actually ordered some and it should be at my doorstep tomorrow – yippee!!) I added more PB love to the center.  This concoction was super fabulous. 



All together with a cup of decaf tea. 



I am on my second cup of tea but at least I drink decaf – most of the time.  I tend to be a heavy drinker in the morning, well all day really.  I am always drinking water or tea (sometimes I have seltzer but I am without any at the moment), which makes for frequent potty breaks. 

Do drink the recommended amount of fluid every day?  What is your favorite beverage? I would have to say that I am a huge fan of tea – hot or iced.  But I do really love water with a twist of lemon. 

I am off to give my little dirt ball a shower.  The rest of the day has yet to be determined. 

Happy Thursday! 

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K from ksgoodeats said...

Glad the HRM is back in working condition!! PB2 - I'm a full on addict now! It's just way too good!

I probably drink WAY too much water but I get thirsty a lot. I drink a HUGE glass (beer glass) with every meal and snack.