Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not another picture

Look at his face – he totally did not want me to start snapping photos of him this morning. Even when he is being a bit sassy he is too stinking cute.   Love that boy!!!

Can you see who joined him for breakfast? A couple Star Wars characters.  Yes, he is still heavily engrossed in all things Star Wars.



He enjoyed his Graham Bumpers with Coconut milk – this was his 2nd breakfast. 

He got up around 4:30 and ventured downstairs while I was getting ready for my workout. He complained of his tummy being super hungry so into the kitchen we went. He ate a bowl of Graham Bumpers and a pancake.  I guess his appetite is coming back – yay!!!! 



He eventually shot me a big cheery smile.



Today I ventured out into the depressing dreary drizzle – isn’t it Summer??? Where is the sun?  We have had the crummiest weather here in MA for what seems like 2 weeks.  I am so ready to hit up the beach but it can’t seem to get warmer than 65 degrees lately – so not beach weather. 

I did something different for a workout today. I tried my hand at intervals on the pavement. I usually only do interval training at the gym – seems to be a bit easier when I can see my time in front of me.  Well instead of using time as a measure I just let my body tell me when to speed things up.  I switched between walking and running while I weaved all around a cute cul-de-sac up the street from my house. I would walk for a bit then run for a bit – it was actually pretty challenging.  Whenever I got to a hill I would try to sprint up the hill and get my heart rate up.  When I made it back to my house I had complete a grand total of 7.75 miles – not too shabby. 

Breakfast was (of course) oatmeal.  I cooked up a lovely batch of banana blueberry oats again. 

oatmeal, frozen blueberries, banana, cinnamon, and PB2



Look at that puddle of love. Yup, it was tasty. 



I bought a bag of dried chickpeas at the store yesterday. I soaked some over night and right now I have them simmering on the stove. I adore chickpeas but I have never tried to make them from the dried variety – I always buy canned. 

I am not sure what I am going to do with them once they are cooked but i am sure that I can think of something.  I am still on a mission to recreate the Indian Chickpea dish I sampled at WF yesterday.  I do not have all the ingredients on hand so it will have to wait till I make it to the grocery store.



Today I am going to my sis’s house to watch her kiddies while she heads out for a bit. My niece is on Summer vacation right now so I get the added bonus of spending time with her today too. I really do not get to see her that much anymore because when I am there she is always in school. I can’t believe she is going to be in fourth grade – I remember waiting at the hospital for her to be born.  I was only 20 when she was born and super excited to be an Auntie for the first time.  I had to spend every moment I could with her. 

I am also going to try to take D to karate class today. Since he missed last Saturday and will not be able to go this Saturday due to an early wedding Charlie & I will be attending.  I hate for him to miss so many classes. The owner is really cool about letting the kids attend a different class as a “make-up” so they do not get too far behind the others.  I will have to see how he  feels after running around with Rocco all afternoon – he might be too pooped.  Looks like a busy day so I must get a move on it.  I hope you have a great one.  See you later.



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Rose said...

Aw, D.

I love all the PB in your oatmeal!

Tanya said...

He is to cute :-)

Erica said...

Glad to hear D is feeling a bit better :) Such a cutie.

I have made chickpeas from the dried variety one time and they're very good! You should make some hummus for your beautiful salads (YUM!)

K from ksgoodeats said...

D is WAY too cute!! I just caught up on yesterdays post and I hope that everything turns out alright with his tests :) I'm sending lots of positive thoughts to you and your little man!!

I love the PB2 puddle of love! So good! Have a great day!

Bam Bam said...

Hey, D is so cute, I'm glad he is better and all smiling now.
If you have an ipod, there is a podcast by someone called Podrunner intervals, they do all the timing stuff, you just listen and change speed when appropriate, they do a huge range of things so I thought I'd just tell you.
Chickpeas are very yum, you should try chickpea curry, it is good.

HeatherBakes said...

So CUTE! What a sweet face!

Keep us posted on the chickpeas- I've only used canned before but hear that the dried variety tastes much better.

jjhampton said...

Ahhh your little boy is so cute? I swear every blog I have looked at today (thats a lot) has posted a pic with oats and blueberries. They must be on sale everywhere or something :)


polly said...

yay for D and his morning face of cuteness and his appetite!! He takes after his momma and needs substance in the AM hours! :)

Love you, my friend!! I get to see my little sweetie tomorrow!!! XOXO


I love how you call them "chic peas" (i've only seen it as chick peas) so chic!!!

Sammie said...

Bam Bam,
Unfortunately I do not own an IPod.

The Actors Diet,
Thanks for pointing out my misspelling.