Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Protein Powder

We did manage to make it to story hour this morning. The stories were cute and the kids enjoyed making a butterfly craft. While we were out I had to stop at Whole Foods again. Charlie announced to me this morning that he was out of cereal – he couldn’t have told me the box was low yesterday when he told me he needed chips. I seriously have been to some sort of grocery store every day this week – I probably look like a grocery store junkie to my neighbors.  My breakfast held me over fabulously and I did not even get hungry until noon and it wasn’t that keel over and die hunger either.  As you know I usually need a snack if my breakfast speeds through my system so this was rather surprising to me – maybe it was the Coconut Milk?

When we got home I made lunch using the left over veggies & nutritional yeast I made yesterday. I added some mixed greens and cottage cheese to the bowl – it was a biggie.



I also had a gluten free roll with PB and an apple.



At Whole Foods today I picked up a new protein powder – Olympian Labs Pea Protein. Last week I had asked one of the sales associates to order me a bag of Jay Robb’s Vanilla Rice Protein since they do not carry it in the store.  She happily took down my info and said it would not be a problem. She was there today, so I checked on my order seeing as I am almost out of the one I am currently using. She said that my order has not even been placed. So I had to choose something else – I did not want to buy the same one I already have – it is only so so.  Pea Protein it was.  I like the nutritionals except that there seems to me more sodium in this powder. 



DSC02074 DSC02076


This afternoon I decided to give it a shot.  Into the Vita-Mix went 1/2 a cup Almond Milk (the last of my carton), 1/2 a cup of water, a scoop of Pea Protein and some ice.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good this stuff is.  It even mixed up creamy.  The Pea Protein has sort of a nutty flavor and since there is Stevia in there it is sweet.  It’s a keeper. 

I still want to get my hands on the heart throbs stuff but this will have to do while I wait.

I also ate an unpictured Enjoy Life Cocoa Loco bar.



Dinner tonight was weird and totally unprepared.  I just randomly selected things from the fridge and called it a meal.  I mixed chic peas with grape tomatoes and added a tsp of olive oil and dried basil.  It was rather good and clean tasting.



I also had a sweet potato with a slice of Swiss and organic ketchup for dipping. AND a piece of gluten free bread & sunflower seed butter.  Told you it was an odd combo.


DSC02081 DSC02082


Dessert was something new – a Natural Choice Full of Fruit Strawberry Fruit Bar.


DSC02083 DSC02084


I had to show you how happy this little gem made me (self portrait shots are tough). It really had a summer sort of feel to it.  Frosty, fruity and light in my tummy. If D sees them he will want them so I better eat one while I can.  He loves strawberry frozen bars of any sort. 




I was able to squeeze in a little yoga time this evening while my guys ran to CVS.  I did a 20 minute Detox yoga & a 25 minute Yoga for Runners on Yoga Download.  It was so peaceful having the house to myself even if it was for just a sort time. 

Tonight is bill paying night – fun, fun, fun.  Do you dread that task?

I have something exciting planned for tomorrow evening and this weekend but you will have to come back and find out tomorrow.  I am hoping that we are not up too late – I need my rest seeing as I am cleaning tomorrow. 

Enjoy your evening. See you in the morning a few bucks poorer. 


Megan said...

Pea Protein? that sounds interesting! Did it keep you full?

Sammie said...

Yes it did. And I had it this morning and my breakfast held me over quite well.

Elizabeth said...

i hate the taste of the pea protein powder! how do you drink it with just milk and water?? ::amazed::

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