Monday, June 8, 2009

My Running Buddy

This morning I was not really in the mood to go to the gym – I know what a shocker. What I really wanted was to enjoy some fresh air and let D enjoy it too.  So, I cleaned off the cobwebs on the good old jogging stroller and we hit the pavement together.  He would ride for a little bit and then hop out and join me for a run. Of course I had to slow my pace but I did not care. He was having so much fun and I was not trying to be speedy today. He was pretending the jogger was his spaceship and he was throwing dust bombs at the bad guys.  He would announce, I feel like I have to run and I would let him out.  He would run for a bit and then tell me that he needed a push when he got tired.  I think he might take after his mommy – my little runner in training.  

I managed to do a nice 5.25 mile run in about 50 minutes.  I did some weights in my living room too – not that my arms did not get a workout pushing him. 

After my workout I made a yummy smoothie and ate a very delicious organic pear that I got at Whole Foods the other day. The stack of pears looked so good and they all were huge.

My smoothie contained 1 cup Almond milk, 1 tbsp Chocolate Rice Protein Powder, 3 tbsp frozen blueberries and lots of ice.



Lunch today was a Sunshine veggie burger (love these things), on a Gluten Free bun with Swiss cheese.  On the side I had a sweet potato and Organic ketchup. I seriously could have gone much heavier on the ketchup but I kept it moderate – it is just too good (my hubs would disagree, he is not a fan). 



I ended lunch with apple slices and some PB2 for dipping. 



My Nana called this morning to let me know that my cousin & her son (he is almost 3) would be at her house today.  They used to live in Arizona but just moved back to New Hampshire a few months ago. D and I headed over along with my sis and Rocco.  The 3 boys had so much fun running around outside this afternoon.  I had a nice visit with my cousin – it is nice to have her close by again. We used to never see her when she lived in Arizona, but since moving back home to New Hampshire we have gotten to see her a bunch of times.  I know that my Nana & Grampy really enjoy the visits from their grandchildren and great grandchildren. I could see the joy on their faces today having all of us there. 

I was famished on the drive home so I dug into my mommy bag and pulled out a Cocoa Loco bar – I always have something on hand for the little man.  He didn’t want it so into my tummy it went. 

For dinner tonight I had a hot & cold salad. I topped lettuce with cooked veggies that I seasoned with curry powder, chili powder and paprika.  I chopped a bunch of veggies (red pepper, green pepper, zucchini, summer squash and turnip) into small pieces and cooked them in a little olive oil until they were slightly cooked but still crunchy. I added grape tomatoes that I left raw, plus I had a gluten free tortilla for some wrap action.  I also had a small bowl of cottage cheese on the side. 


DSC02004 DSC02005


The veggies were so darn good that I actually went back for more along with some cottage cheese.  This time I mixed up a little PB2 sauce which put this helping over the top. Thank goodness I have left over veggies because tomorrow I am going to have this again – yummy!!! 




Dessert was 4 small squares of my favorite 365 brand (gluten, soy and dairy free) Dark Chocolate. 





The D man had one of his So Delicious dairy, soy and gluten free frozen mini fruit bars. 




Time to go get ready for bed. I hope you had a great start to your week. 

Good night.

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