Sunday, June 7, 2009


Happy Sunday!!  We are in for a beautiful day here in MA (the rain is not supposed to start until after sunset). This post contains so many random highlights sit back and enjoy. 

I got all dressed up to go to my cousin’s wedding last night – not everyday that mommy gets to wear heels.


I even wore makeup.




The wedding was in Newport RI – right on the water. 



I was shocked at how fancy the wedding site was.  My cousin is such a low key guy who never says more than 3 words.  Not the kind of guy that would really want to be the center of attention.  He looked very handsome and just went with the flow. His new wife is really a great person. She has always been so kind whenever we are at family gatherings - definitely a wonderful addition to our family.



The first dance – how romantic. 



My Auntie Theresa was one of the bridesmaids – she looked beautiful.




Cake cutting – no frosting facials occurred.



My sis and her husband



My cousin Justin and his soon to be wife Pam.  They are getting married in 3 weeks. I am really looking forward to their wedding – I was asked to do a reading.  PLUS it is outside in her parents backyard – great photo ops right there. 



Me and my cousin Chelsea – she is like my little sissy.  We are very close - she was even in the room with me when D was born.  She just passed her RN exam – I am so proud of her.




And last wedding photo – the father daughter dance. 



I was up early this morning for a run with mother nature . Look who I ran by. Are they digging a spot to lay eggs? 



I did a 7.25 mile loop and then did some weights in the comfort of my living room. Here is the list of exercises that I did using dumbbells. I performed 3 sets of eat.

Pec Fly

Skull Crusher

Plank Row

Front Raise

Tricep Kickback

Squat Swing

Bicep Curl

Low Dumbbell Row

My little man was asking for breakfast so I let him have a special treat.  We found Chocolate Donuts yesterday (suitable for his diet).  He also had a new milk.  Turtle Mountain makes 1/2 gallon containers of milk now, in 3 different varieties.  I chose the Vanilla since D is a big fan of vanilla milk.


DSC01949 DSC01944


He loved his donut



and his milk.  I tried a sip of the milk and it is very tasty and not too sweet.



My breakfast was not anything new.  I really can’t go wrong with a glass of GREEN and blueberry banana oatmeal.

I mixed up some Chocolate PB2 to drizzle over my oats today.  I think I have created a PB2 monster – it is sooooo good.


DSC01952 DSC01950


My guys just came in from mowing the lawn.  Well, D was digging in the dirt while daddy took care of the lawn.  After they wash the filth off, it will be lunch time.  I am ready for some eats myself. I am not sure what we have planned for the day. I am just looking forward to being with them.  I hope you have a great day.


K from ksgoodeats said...

What a beautiful ceremony! You look great!!

I'm 100% addicted to PB2 as well - it's good!

polly said...

YOU are beautiful Sammie inside and out. Love D's chocolate donut. Love and hugs and prayers, sweetie!

I am sure you are long asleep... Pol needs to get to bed! The concert was amazing, but momma needs some shut eye. Nite nite!