Wednesday, June 10, 2009

He needs to Hit the Shower

I am going to make this snappy. I am flying solo this evening and the D man needs to hit the shower.  After he is tucked in bed I am planning on doing something that I never do – watch TV.  Don’t ask me what I am going to watch, I have no idea what is even on TV anymore. 

So the rest of our day was uneventful but I guess that is a good thing after how busy we have been the past few days.  I let D play his Lego Star Wars game on the Wii for a little while and he was happy as a clam. 

I broke into a snack around 3:15 – my tummy was talking.  I had a pear and an Enjoy Life Very Berry bar topped with PB2 (yes, I admit I am an addict). 



For dinner, I planned ahead. I chopped some veggies this afternoon and let them getting fancy with nutritional yeast, paprika and chili powder. They were ready to be gobbled up by this time. I topped some mixed greens with my veggie mix (zucchini, red pepper and yellow squash – the tummy friendly trio).  I added some chic peas and cottage cheese for protein.  The salad was divine – I loved every single bite.



I also had a toasted gluten free bun and Chocolate PB2.



Dessert was dark chocolate.



Time to clean the grime off that boy of mine.

Have a great night.


EDIT: Watching TV was not as appealing as I thought it would be so I did a 20 minute Core Yoga and a 20 minute Detox Yoga from Yoga Downloads.  I also forgot to wash the evening dishes, so I had to take care of that – darn busted dishwasher.  Now I might go and read while I wait for my hubs to get home. 

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