Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good & Bad

That sums up my day.  There were moments where D had a happy belly and then all of a sudden he would be whaling in pain.  I can actually here this hollow groan in his gut when the issue begins. It is mentally draining because I just have no idea what to do for him. I am so thankful that we are going to a Gastroenterologist on Monday – we have been waiting for this appointment for a while now.  We managed to leave the house for a run to Target. Daddy promised D some new Legos – as if he doesn’t have enough.  I only bought a small kit which I put together in about 15 minutes – sure beats the 4 hour jobber we purchased the last time. 

I did get to enjoy my haircut and the lovely head massage that came with it. Other than that I have been trying to keep my little sicky calm and well hydrated.  He was really digging hot cocoa made with Coconut Milk today. He did also eat much more today than he has been – brown rice pasta, Fritos (they are the one “junk” food that we are allowing – besides they contain corn, oil and salt) and a few bites of yogurt.  I am really hoping that tomorrow he wakes up with a happier tummy. 

I did feed myself today too – same old stuff as I am sure you could have guessed. Here is a quick rundown.

AM Snack



diced zucchini & summer squash, red and green pepper, cauliflower, chic peas & cottage cheese

spices – curry powder & paprika




gluten free bread and cheese





a golden delicious apple and PB2



After I go my haircut I came home and had a snack – sorry no photo. It wasn’t anything pretty anyway – plain Greek yogurt (maybe 1/2 a cup), Enjoy Life Caramel Apple bar and Chocolate PB2.


Breakfast for dinner – this is such a quick, easy and filling go to meal. I cooked one egg + one egg white and filled it with cooked spinach and almond cheese.  I also had one of my new gluten free english muffins with TJ’s Raspberry Preserves. The EM tasted good but the texture is a little weird.  It was a little dry but also kind of spongy.  Definitely nothing like any english muffin I have ever had – there were no nooks and crannies. 




blueberries, strawberries and cottage cheese that I drizzled with honey



It is only 8 o’clock but I am so ready to hit the hay.  I hope you had a great day.  See you tomorrow.


allijag said...

Poor D! I really hope the little guy feels better soon! Keep us updated (I know you will) with the prognosis!

The Running Yogini said...

Yummy eats! How do you like that Trio Bar? I love Mrs. Mays cashew clusters. I'm going to have to try that egg and spinach combo! Yum!

ratzxfink said...

Hi, Hope D is getting better. glad he's doing a little better. take care and a speedy recovery to him.

He's so adorable! :)

The Actors Diet said...

that english muffin looks like a challah bun. holla!!!

Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

Oh Sammie. I hate that D is so ill. I am so excited that you will finally get some answers on Monday. And bring on the Fritos if that is going down easy!

Sammie said...

Running Yogini,
The Trio Bars are really yummy. They tend to be a bit on the sweet side which works for me. The dried fruit is always very chewy and the bars themselves are SUPER crunchy. The flavor is similar to the clusters but with dried fruit added.

Actors Diet,
Yeah, but it did not taste like one. It was good but not great.

Thank you all for such warm and thoughtful comments for my sweetie.

Rose said...

Poor D. Aw... I will keep him in my thoughts!