Tuesday, June 16, 2009

From Tummy ache to Headache

Last night we had a little tummy trouble on our hands.  We are now wondering if D has an allergy to food coloring.  He complained of a headache after lunch yesterday so I gave him some children’s Motrin which contains food coloring. He has been doing really great tummy wise so when he complained of a tummy ache and went through the usual “issues” – I will spare you the details – we were surprised.  What can it be?  He was fine during the afternoon and we had a great time playing.  My friend (the one I just reconnected with after 12 yrs.), came over and the 3 of us had a great time playing with D’s Lego Star War’s stuff. He was so excited to meet her – he kept watching out the window for her arrival.  I think I wore him out because at one point he was laying his head in my lap while me and Annie were talking and he dozed off.  I guess that should have been a sign that he was not feeling well.  We were running around fighting demons less than an hour before so being sick was the last thing I would have pegged him for.

Well this morning he woke up with a fever.  My poor little man is really under the weather today so this is what he is going to be doing for a while.



Before the chaos started, I snuck out for a workout at the gym. My guys sleep much later than me - they were actually still in bed when I got home which is typical. I did 60 minutes on the Stairclimber and weights. I am glad that I got in a little “me” time and ventured out of the house because today is definitely going to be a “homebody” day.

For breakfast this morning I made a bowl of Banana Blueberry Oatmeal. The fresh BB were so sweet and popped in my mouth when I was lucky enough to get one on my spoon.




I cooked up the usual 1/2 cup oats, scoop of pea protein and water on the stove. I added 1/2 the banana and cinnamon at the end of the cooking process.  I topped my oats with the rest of the banana, blueberries and PB2 – I am sure you could have guessed that.



I still have not read my Psalms for the day so I am hoping to get to that soon. I might fix another cup of tea to have while I attempt to read.

I hope you have a great day.


VeggieGirl said...

Oh no :-( Wishing little D a quick, full recovery!

Anonymous said...

so sorry about D's tummy problems! I really hope you can figure it out, he looks so cute curled up but I'm sure he wants to be up and playing!!

HeatherBakes said...

I hope D feels better soon :( He looks so sweet curled up in that chair... poor guy!

K from ksgoodeats said...

Awww poor kiddo :( Hope he feels better soon!!

polly said...

feel better, sweet D. Sammie girl, gonna call you soon to catch up! Love you bunches! Tomorrow's Psalm (17) is so good. Love and hugs and those blueberries look yuuuummmmmmy. XOXO

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Praying for your little D. :)

Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

Oh, that sweet little man. I just want to give him a huge hug, but I know you've got that covered. Take care of yourself too, Mama.