Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Everyone Loves a Fort

These two are ALL about forts.  They will take anything they can get their hands on and construct some sort of hideout.




They had me using pillows and blankets to cover up any holes in the top – I thought for sure this thing was going to cave. 




They didn’t even care that they were playing in a princess tent. 




Check out the sweet tunnel leading from one fort to the next.




Blue (the dog) was even amused.



He decided to joined in the fun.  I was also crammed into that thing at one point.  I was the driver, D was InuYasha and Rocco was a Slug Monster – we had quite a posse. 



When we got home I quickly became the worst mother in the world – I made him eat carrots with his dinner. 



Yeah, that is a yuck face. He is going to have to learn to like them because I am determined to get him to eat veggies at least once a day.  Please, baby carrots, I went easy on him. It is not like I made him eat brussels sprouts (which I happen to love). 



I had myself a salad – lettuce, zucchini, grape tomatoes, cottage cheese and hummus.  And if I had not eaten enough vegetables today, I gobbled up a baked sweet potato too. No one has to force me to eat my veggies. 

Or fruit for that matter.  I am pretty sure I OD’d on fruit today.  Between the Blueberries and banana at breakfast, apple for a snack, then watermelon, cantaloupe and a nectarine for dessert, I hit my quota and then some for the day.  What can I say, I love fruit and I can seriously eat it over any sweet bakery dessert any day. 



My little man has an appointment to drink a luscious barium smoothie tomorrow. Here is the tough part, his test is at 1:45 and he can not eat 6 hours prior.  That means that I can not let him eat anything past 7:45 tomorrow morning.  He better make breakfast a biggie.  Thankfully Charlie will be working from home so I can leave D with him while I go and babysit at the gym. I could not imagine making him starve after romping around with all his buddy’s all morning.  It is nice that we have all been able to go to D’s appointments together. I know that it helps to have both of us there to comfort him. 

I am not sure what the blogging schedule will be like tomorrow so I’ll post when I get a chance.  See you then.  Have a great night.


K from ksgoodeats said...

Ahh forts! I used to love those!! Looks like fun :)

Hope everything goes well tomorrow!

pol said...

TONS of prayers for tomorrow! Sammie, I love your blog. Really, keep it just like this and I'll be grinning from ear to ear everyday when I stop by. I love all the pics of D and her adorable cuz and all the yummy pics of eats (when you feel like it) and hearing about your days. You are a sweet sister, just a little far to wave to. :)

Please eat all that fruit for me!! I used to be able to down pounds of it each day, but belly said no more. Just a little, Pol. So I am listening but I am not happy about it. ;) hehe

Tomorrow Abbi has a little party, we had fun prepping for it today. Being a mom is the best job on earth. Love you bunches!!! XOXO

pol said...

I meant HIS adorable cuz. I guess I type girl things too much since I have a daughter! :) XOXO

Kath said...

That is one cool fort!!

Good luck tomorrow :(

Rose said...

I want a fort like that for myself!

Good luck tomorrow!