Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cover Up

Remember I told you my friend Annie is a tattoo artist. Well she designed something to cover up the rather sloppy jobber I got when I was all of 19 years old.  This poor thing was stretched to the limit when I was preggers so that did not help it out at all.  Trust me the lines are so messy and the color is faded.  Something had to happen to it. 

Here is the before



And here is the after.  She made my belly button into a pretty flower.  Obviously that is very swollen and red.  She has such a steady hand - one thing that the tattoo artist who did the ring of fire did not.  Her detail work is beautiful and I love the color pallet.  When it is healed I may need to go back in for a touch up just to make sure the old one does not show through. 




On my way home I stopped at Whole Foods for something for me and my honey to eat. I got a brown rice shrimp roll – I was not in the mood for the raw this variety this evening.




With my sushi I had to have some veg. I had raw cauliflower with hummus and a sweet potato & ketchup. 



I just tucked my little one into bed. He had definitely reached his daily limit of activity.  He started to get very crabby and he kept saying that he did not like anything.  He even told me not to sing to him – that is rare.  His tummy was a little better today but still not 100%.  He would get tired very easily even though we made sure that he was not over doing it.  I think he still needs to take it easy. 

I am off to see what that husband of mine is doing – probably reading.  I hope you had a great Saturday. 


polly said...

Such a pretty belly button, Sammie girl!! Love the colors and now you are an offical ROCK STAR in my book. With your tatts and love of yoga-running-healthy food... you are my hippy friend. I love hippy friends, I wanna be a hippy friend. :) hehe


Mrs. LC said...

LOVE the palette of your new tat! So beautiful. :)

K from ksgoodeats said...

Wow your friend did a really good job! That looks great!!

Amy@ What Do I Eat Now? said...

LOVE the tattoo Sammie!!!!! I LOVE IT!
where did you get it done?

and dang- look at your abs!!! so jealous!

BTW- I left you a blogger award- go and grab it!!! ; )


What a lovely tattoo, you're so bad ass! i had sushi for dinner last night too....

HeatherBakes said...

Wow- that's amazing! You can't even tell that there was ever another tattoo under there. Gorgeous colors. Your friend is obviously very talented!