Monday, June 29, 2009


Happy Monday! Did you enjoy your weekend?  We managed to get a little bit of sunshine but today it is back to rain.  I wish that I planted a vegetable garden this year.  With all the rain we are getting, it would be blossoming with yummy healthy veggies by now. 

So there will be changes to the blog as of today. I am no longer going to take pictures of every meal.  I will be posting once or twice a day. I mainly want to keep blogging so that my mom can see her family from Maine and enjoy watching D and his daily activates.  That means more D pictures, less food pictures.  I have been blogging for over a year and feel that a change is in order. I am a bit bored and I can definitely tell that you all are too – I think that I have lost a few of you guys along the way. 

When life takes a turn down a tough road, you have to adapt to the changes and I feel that the blog needs to be handled that way too. I am so thankful for the friends that I have made through my blog and I always enjoy the heart felt comments.  I hope that you stick with me as I try something new and learn what direction the blog needs to go.  My main focus is of course my sidekick and his tummy but I still want to have some sort of outlet that I can call my own.  I love to write which allows me to be creative – as an artist I absolutely need that.

Now on with the show.  My little guy has been up late 2 nights in a row which led him to sleep in extra late today by that I mean past 8.  Yes, he is in my bed – we are soft and do not have the heart to kick him out.


When he got up he was very upset that Daddy had already left for work and he did not get to say goodbye.  Usually his bubby does not make it to the breakfast table (we make him put it in his bed), but since he was upset I let him have a few extra minutes with it. Unfortunately he gave me a hard time with breakfast and refused to finish.  Someone is going to be hungry soon. 




I was a good doobie and ate all mine – blueberry banana oats with PB2 – I’m not wasting a bite. 



That is how my morning is going and we are still in our PJ’s.  It is so crummy out today – I just want to see the sun. This is the weird summer we are having.  We have not been able to even go swimming yet. 

How is your summer going?  Are you ready to float away on a raft like us or have you been luck to enjoy the sun?  I hope you have a great day. 


Erica said...

I will always be here reading :) I love hearing about your adventures with D :) I'm sorry its been so rainy up there! I hope ya'll get some more sunshine soon. Summer has been going well down here! This past week it was out of control hot, but I love it! Hope you have a good day.

polly said...

I will always be here too, Sammie girl! I love changes and by all means go for it! I love just posting once a day and never take all food pics, shoot... the best part of our lives are the peeps not the eats, anyways. They are all YUMMY, of course. :) You are a wonderful lady and your love for life and D and Charlie and yummy healthy things shines on your blog whether you post once or 10 times or whether you take food pics or not. YOU are LOVED!!! XOXO

AzLinda said...

Hey there! Found your blog and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading it. I am new to the blogging world and healthy eating and find it so refreshing around here! Your food looks amazing.

*Erica* said...

We are softies, too,'s all good! Katie still sleeps with us, and she's 5!! I'm not sure how this will work when she starts Kindergarten in August...hmmmm, may need to get on that one. I toy with the idea of just leaving her be because she will eventually WANT to sleep in her own bed (I hope!) and trying to wean her over every night. I won't lie, it kinda makes me sad to think of her all alone in her own bed upstairs. I would much rather have her snuggled next to me! I know, I'm a wuss! But I figure, with all the craziness that's gone on here the past nine months, it will probably do her more good to snuggle a bit least that's my theory! Have a great day!