Monday, June 29, 2009

Asking for a Bath

Yesterday our neighbor brought over a gift for D that she bought him while she was in Florida. It is a little pirate ship and a raft. He kept asking me this morning if he could take a bath – I seized the moment. 



When it came time for cleaning he told me he only wanted to take a bath to play not to get clean.  My boy likes his layer of grime.  Too bad for him, I was armed with a washcloth and soap. 

After getting all spruced up my sweetie pie ate ALL his lunch.  The lactose test was negative so he is back to regular dairy again.  I can always win with a grilled cheese. 




He had some strawberries too – the only fruit that he will eat without a fuss.

Mommy got some berries for herself today. Check out these beauties that I picked up at Trader Joe’s today. I got all these for $5.99.  You know what I will be adding to my oats tomorrow morning.



I also got a massive container of grape tomatoes.  They were the perfect addition to my mini frittata that I made myself for dinner tonight.



I made it with 4 egg whites and one whole egg. Then I topped the eggs with cooked bell peppers and halved grape tomatoes. I stuck it under the broiler until the tomatoes were soft and the eggs were fully cooked.



I hope your week is off to a good start.  Enjoy your evening.


Anonymous said...

aw, what a sweet kid!
And I love the color of that omelet. Looks really bright and fresh!
Oh and you should go to Costco...I found a bigger amount of blueberries for $5.40!

polly said...

oh Sammie YEAH for layer of grime kiddos ;) and clean grilled cheese eaters and DAIRY allowed for your boy of cuteness!! Also, nice frittata and all the blueberries!!!

Massive hugs, friend. XOXO

Sarah (LovIN My Tummy) said...

I can't remember if I commented this morning (its been a long "no naps" day), but I think your new blogging outlook is fab! I love more D, of course, and don't be tied to the what you ate format...I come back for Sammie not sammies (OMG, that was bad...I told you it was a long one).
Hugs to you and the fam!