Friday, May 22, 2009


On the drive home from my sis’s house this evening D totally zonked out.  I think that he had too much fun playing with his best chum today. 



That position can not be that comfy. 



I opted for a quick salad for dinner. As I am sure you all know the goods by now I am skipping the photo and going to something much more photo worthy.

My dessert.  I was really in the mood for a big old bowl of ice cream since it is 90 degrees here in MA today – WOO HOO!!!  Sadly my freezer is not stocked in the sweets department.  I had to put my creative cap on and do a little mess action.  In that beautiful arrangement I had Nature’s Path Corn Puffs, plain Greek yogurt, a drizzle of sunflower seed butter, a drizzle of raw almond butter (the last of my jar – boo hoo!), a sprinkle of Raw Coconut Butter, some TJ’s Blackberry preserves, AND the star of the show – Navitas Naturals Organic Raw Sweet Cacao Nibs. I seriously can not even begin to describe how fantastic these sweet little crunchy bits of heaven are.  I love this product so much. I am so thrilled that it does not contain anything that will cause havoc to my system. Finally something decadent that will not leave me ill in the AM or for the next 3 days (yes, some things screw up my system for that long). 

It was no bowl of ice cream but it did taste good. 



So time for an update on my little man’s tummy issues.  He is still having some problems.  I am not going into details since he is a person and I would hate to embarrass him.  Last night was not good and I had the hardest time falling asleep because I am so worried about him.  I have not given him wheat all week so now I think it is time to cut out dairy for a little while too. Something is upsetting his system and we really need to get to the root of the problem. He was so good today and drank Rice Milk and ate a So Delicious Coconut Milk yogurt – he is my little trooper (Storm Trooper that is).  I have to really plan ahead for his meals because I can’t just say oh I will make him a grilled cheese – one of my favorite go to meals for him.  I know that they make a Rice Milk cheese so I will probably end up getting a lot of different products at Whole Foods this week.  It really breaks my heart to see him achy with a cruddy tummy, at least he is still active and enjoying life.  That is the latest on his diet woes. Thankfully I have mine all straightened out. I really never thought that I would have to be doing the same for my baby boy.  My stomach problems started after I had him – I had a tummy of steel before.  Not that I ate terribly – I have always eaten a very heavy fruit and veggie based diet.  I will keep you posted on his progress.

I am off to relax.  Have a nice evening. 


polly said...

hi honey. I am praying for D and his tummy. Being a momma is HARD sometimes, we worry. XOXO Love you and hope the dairy free thing works like a dream.

Loved all the zoo pictures. You are such a wonderful mommy. Love you to pieces. XOXO

stacey said...

Just wanted to suggest you try almond cheese. I think that it has a better taste than rice cheese and might be more appealing to D. I buy it at Whole Foods. So far I have tried 3 varieties and I have no complaints. The taste is good and it melts like real cheese. I hope you figure out what is causing D's upset stomach.

Sarah (lovINmytummy) said...

It might be worth talking to his ped. We took Livy to a gastro specialist and really got some good answers/peace of mind.

Do you read Vegan Dad? He did a review of a bunch of different rice cheese slices a few days ago. It might be worth a look!

Have a good weekend, Sammie!

Mariposa said...

Sammie... the same thing happened with me and the Peanut. I didnt start having stomach problems until after i had her.. pregnancy does lovely things to a womans body doesnt it?? i really did find that limiting the wheat in her diet worked wonders- that and whole foods and lots and lots of water everyday.. i used to cry everynight because she couldnt go.. no matter what i tried. then she used to get scared to go which made things way worse.. OH its sooooo hard!!!! hopefully you will find the right combo for the little guy yo make all his tummy troubles dissapear!