Saturday, May 30, 2009

We are having a sleepover

My sis and her husband have a wedding to attend tonight so we are having a sleepover.  We have 2 guest staying a Chez O’Toole tonight – Rocco and Batman (the baby bird). The little Chickadee can not be left alone because it needs to eat every 20 minutes – that is no lie. I told my sis that I would bird-sit. He really is the cutest little guy.




He lets me know when he is hungry – I have already fed him over a dozen times. 




My sis gave me the low down on how to tuck him into his nest for beddie-bye tonight.  He better sleep through the night.



The boys have already made a disaster of my living room.



They are such goofballs.



Charlie had to rebuilt the Gunship that took us 4 hours to build the other night.  D said that it got blown up. 



They both are on gluten free diets so dinner was simple – brown rice pasta with olive oil.  They both saw the cheese on my Sunshine patty and wanted to have some. It was the Almond cheese so I was not sure how well it would go over. Rocco gobbled it up but D was not a fan.



Bed time is definitely going to be interesting.  I hope that we all can actually get some sleep.  Otto will probably be the only one in the house who is able to have his bed all to himself.

Let me give you a quick recap of the days eats.  After my run this morning I made a bowl of Strawberry Banana oats using a packet of Jay Robb’s Strawberry Rice Protein powder.



We headed out to D’s karate class and then I came home and had a quick snack before I cleaned my house for 2 hours. I had 2 rice cakes with swiss cheese.




After I finished cleaning it was time for lunch. I had a salad (lettuce, broccoli, hummus, salsa and cottage cheese), an apple & PB and a Cocoa Loco bar.


DSC01706 DSC01708 DSC01709


This afternoon’s snack was Greek yogurt with cinnamon and a Mrs. Mays Trio Bar.




For dinner I had a Sunshine Patty with almond cheese and organic ketchup on a gluten free roll.




I also had a bowl of veggies – lettuce, zucchini, red pepper and sweet potato. I drizzled on some Maple Grove Farms Strawberry Balsamic dressing. The sweetness from the dressing went perfectly with the sweet potato.



I have had to stop typing and feed the baby twice during this post – he is a hungry little guy. 

That is the craziness around my homestead this fine Saturday. I hope that you guys are enjoying your weekend. 

See you tomorrow.

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