Tuesday, May 12, 2009

That was in MY EAR!!!!

I am happy to report that I can hear with my right ear again and there was no infection behind the blockage.  The nurse had to flush out my ear 3 times and I was rather baffled by what came out.  All I could say to her was – That was in MY EAR!  She laughed and told me that she sees even worse all the time and what came out of mine was nothing.  Well to me it did not look like nothing – it was HUGE and DISCUSTING.  I did in fact learn my lesson with Q-Tips – they will never go anywhere near my ears again. My doctor gave me some other tips on how to clean them.  My Mom always warned me about using the dangerous cotton wands but I did not listen – bad girl. 

My breakfast stayed with me past 10 AM – shocking, I know.  I did not need to have a snack but I did come home and eat lunch at 11:30. 

My monster salad tasted so good and chewing was much more pleasant without that nasty clogged feeling in the right side of my head. 

Salad contents:

lettuce, shredded cabbage, red pepper, zucchini, hummus, salsa and cottage cheese – I am pretty sure you could have guessed what ALL the ingredients were. These just happen to be the tummy friendly veggies so that is why they appear so often. 




I also had an apple and 2 rice cakes. I just love how sweet and juicy these organic goldens are. 




I needed a little more sweetness with a touch of chew and crunch – this baby did the trick.  I also had a warm cup of tea with it – caffeinated actually.  I slept horribly last night due to my ear woes so I am feeling the lack of sleep now.  I ended up getting up at 1:30 and could not fall back to sleep for 2 hours.  I tried sleeping in an upright position in the recliner but I could only catch a few extra winks. My head just felt so cruddy.



D was so cute at the doctor’s office – he was so worried that they were going to hurt me.  He announced to every person he came in contact with that his mommy’s ear was hurting.  The nurse assured him that she was not going to do anything to me that would hurt.  Honestly the flushing felt so good – it was warm and my ear instantly felt clear.  My doctor told me that it was a good thing that I used those drops because it softened the wax which makes it easier to remove.  I hope that you all have learned something from my ear troubles – be very careful with Q-Tips. They look innocent but really they are evil. Or maybe it is just me and I need to stop being such a perfectionist and not jam the thing in my ear. I am so gentle with D when I clean his ears – I need to treat myself the same.  Anyway, all is good in the hood now so I am off to find something for me and my little sweet tart to do.  At least I won’t keep saying – WHAT? 


K from ksgoodeats said...

Yikes! What a morning!! D sounds so cute! I'm an ear freak too, maybe I should be more careful!

Erica said...

My husband JUST got an infection in his ear that the doctor said was most likely caused by Qtip use!! Craziness. Glad you're feeling better.

There is nothing better than a monster, juicy apple!!!!!

polly said...

hi sweetie!!

oh my heavens... Q tips! I use them everyday, no wonder I swear I'm going deaf. Love you and so happy you can hear and all is better and D was your little protector. Love that muffin.

Yummy breakfast and lunch today, honey! It's so pretty here... want to take a walk? I hope to get outside once I can see the laundry room floor. :)

Wish you were my neighbor... sniff.

Hugs, my friend! XOXO

GreenDogWine said...

Wow!! I'm sorry you had pain but glad to hear the doctor helped it! What did he say you should be cleaning your ears with?? (i use qtips all the time, now im totally freaked!)

D is too sweet, worryin' about his momma :D

Julie said...

Have you ever heard of ear candeling? It cleans out your ear using heat and it has the same results you got today. I've never had it done, but I hear good things about it. Your supposed to get it done often. They have it at salons and spa's.

Sammie said...

Yes I have. I don't like the idea of something on fire that close to my face/hair/ear. But thanks for the suggestion.

Lindsay said...

I always use qtips...what are the tips they gave you to avoid them??