Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Shape Up

Happy Thursday!!  I have definitely gotten off to a great start.  It is absolutely amazing outside this morning so I ventured out for a 6.2 mile run.  Doing a shorter run leaves me plenty of time to fit in weights before my guys wake up.  I tried Gina’s Summer Shape Up Week 3 Day 2 workout (shoulders, chest and triceps).  It was AWESOME!  I will definitely be trying her other weight routines.  Thank you so much for posting all these great workouts.  It is always nice to add variety to my exercises. For instance, I have never even heard of Elbow Out Extension – loved it.  No worries about underarm jiggle if you add that to the routine.  Go try out her workouts. 

For breakfast this morning I actually mixed up something a little different – shocking, I know.  I cooked my usual 1/2 cup oats on the stove with water and added Vanilla Hemp Protein instead of the rice protein.  I LOVE the flavor of hemp – so nutty and earthy.  I also added lots of cinnamon because it is a must in my bowl of oats. 



I topped it with a banana, a sprinkle of Navitas Naturals Acai Powder and a drizzle of sunflower seed butter.  The Acai powder did not add a ton of flavor, maybe the slightest bit of tartness.  I was after the nutrition benefits more than a flavor enhancer. It is loaded with antioxidants, monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fatty acids. Check out their website for full details on the benefits adding Acai to your diet. 

I served this combo of yumminess in my new bowl from my long distance BFF


DSC01481 DSC01480


Look who was waiting for me to finish gobbling up my fancy feast.



Now I must go set D up with his new paints or he is going to bust. The boy has not stopped bugging me about them ALL morning.  I swear it was the first thing out of his mouth today. 

I hope you have great day.  We are hitting the HOT zone here today – YIPPIE!!!


polly said...

love you long distance BFF! :)


Have fun with your paints, D!


K from ksgoodeats said...

Ahhh that bowl is way too cute! I love it!!

Enjoy the HOT weather today :)

Tanya said...

I;m loving my HOT weather too. Your bowl is cute - and I thought I was the only one who adds cinnamon to my oatmeal always :-)