Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Run without a Plan

Happy Sunday friends. Sorry I have been MIA.  Yesterday was seriously non-stop activity for me and my guys. I never had a second at the computer and I just really wanted to enjoy the day with them.  My day started rather wet and soggy.  I went out for a run with just a little drizzle coming down. Well halfway through it started to pour. I got soaked but managed to finish 7.25 miles. 

Here is what I looked like when I got inside.

IMG000110 IMG000108

Then the craziness really started.  We had a speedy breakfast and went to karate (D earned himself another stripe). After class we went to check out a school for my big boy. We want to send him to a Jr. Kindergarten program because he will not be 5 by the time the next school year starts.  We feel that he is ready to be in that sort of setting. It would only be 2 days a week but it would definitely get him used to leaving mommy and help me get used to being away from him. After almost 5 years together it is going to be a tough adjustment for both of us. After the tour of the school (we all loved it) we went to a comic book store that was having a free comic book day.  We found the new book in the Naruto series that D is into these days and we also picked up a few Sonic comics – yes he is still into Sonic the Hedgehog too. 

It was then a quick run home for lunch and then back out again.  I am still on the hunt for a dress so we all went to the Natick Collections to see if I could find one.  I had zero luck at Lord & Taylor and found myself back to Anthropologie wishing that I had just bought this dress when I tried it on a few weeks ago.  Of course they only had 1 left and it was not my size.  A very kind saleslady called to see if any other location has my size and is trying to track one down for me. I should get a call on Monday, I am keeping my fingers crossed that we have some luck. I really love that dress.

We could not leave the mall without a trip to the Lego store. D got a bunch (15 to be exact) of the Lego Star Wars characters. He really plays with the little figures more than he plays with the actual Lego kits.  The characters are so cute – I like Yoda and Chewbacca. 

On the way home we stopped at Whole Foods and by this time it was already after 5. For some reason I was not hungry at the mall so I did not have an afternoon snack (my lunch salad held me over rather well). I did start to get hungry at WF so when we got home I made another fast and furious salad for dinner.  I could not believe how late it was – the day flew by.  I got D ready for bed and read him the first 3 chapters in his new book.  After he was asleep my hubs and I watch 3:10 to Yuma – good flick.  WOW what a day!!

This morning I was up and out the door without a run plan in mind. I was going to let my body tell me how long of a distance it could handle today. I wore my Garmin but never looked at the mileage.  I left my footprint in 3 different towns and did a lot of weaving up and down the side roads.  When I finally made it back to my house I checked my distance and I did 11 miles – woo hoo!!  It feels like forever since I did anything that far over 8 miles.  I probably could have gone farther but I started to get very hungry (the banana I ate beforehand had definitely left the building) and I really had to pee.  I hate that.  Thankfully I was good when I was preggers and did my kiegles (mommy’s you know what I mean) and I was able to hold it until I got home.  Unfortunately my runs do not bring me by any place that I could pop in and use a restroom and I am not about to knock on a strangers door and ask to use their facility.

I made breakfast ASAP - my tummy was grumbling.  Today I made a tropical concoction with my oats that were so filling and yummy.


I cooked up a batch of oatmeal on the stove and topped it with mango chunks (I have some in the freezer from TJ’s – soooo good), a scoop of plain Greek yogurt and lots of Coconut Butter.



Did I loose you or are you still hanging on?

Today we are hanging out at home – getting things done that we did not yesterday. I think Charlie needs a haircut so I will be doing that at some point and I am also tackling the laundry piles – they are always endless. 

I hope you have been enjoying your weekend. Have a great day.


Sarah (lovINmytummy) said...

Such a busy day! You are such a good Mommyy.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for your sweet comments!

Sarah (lovINmytummy) said...

BTW, mommy only has one "y."

polly said...

hi love! You surely did NOT lose me... read it all the way to the end. Sometimes I print out the posts so I can get away from the computer and read them outside.

What a fun trip to the mall. I hope they have your dress. If not I am sure you'll find a beautiful one to match beautiful Sammie. :)

I love when you said the banana I had before "left the building" hehe I know that feeling! I hate to be hungry! Hope D likes his new characters, big fun time for him!

3:10 to Yuma... hubs watched that one night after Abbers was asleep, we loved it too! Great flick indeed!

Have a wonderful monday, sweet girl. I posted our day today, busy as well. This momma is tired, but love summer-like weekends.

Nite Nite sweet Sammie. enjoy your Housewives show tonight!! I always think of you when I see ads for that! XOXO P

K from ksgoodeats said...

Oh my goodness, just reading about your weekend made me exhausted!! Get lots of rest tonight - you deserve it :)