Saturday, May 9, 2009

Precision Fit

Hello blog friends, are you enjoying your Saturday? D’s karate class went well today. The group of kids that are in his class are all so friendly and well behaved. 

When we left I needed a snack so I whipped out a Larabar that I had tossed into my bag before we left the house. 



We ran to the grocery store and picked up some things for lunch. Charlie was in the mood for a sandwich and he was out of chips – he usually never runs out of chips.

Once we were home I had to do some stuff around my house (laundry & dishes). After getting the necessary stuff done it was lunch time. I made the hubs his turkey and cheese sandwich but I was in the mood for my favorite salad combo.  This contained the ever so recurring lettuce, zucchini, red pepper, coleslaw mix, hummus and cottage cheese. 



I also had an apple and a dollop of raw almond butter.  I was hoping that it would curb my sweet tooth but it did not .



So I ate this Nature’s Place bar.  It hit the spot.



After lunch we went to the store where I buy my running sneakers.  They were having a Mizuno Precision Fit clinic. I have been running in Mizuno sneakers for quite some time so I wanted to see what the professionals had to say about the sneaker that I have been using.  Well the sales associates at PR Running really know their stuff – I have been using the proper shoe.  The gentleman I was chatting with today suggested another sneaker that I could use that is exactly the same fit as the one I am in now just a tad lighter.  I can use it for speed work. Unfortunately the store does not stock that particular shoe so I had to order it.  The clinic was really interesting. If you ever get the chance to go to one I highly recommend it so that you can get properly fitted for a running shoe.  I ran in the wrong running sneakers for years before I tried Mizuno and having the right shoe has made a huge difference. 




When we got home I needed a snack. I topped 2 brown rice cakes with a slice of deli turkey (my hubs made sure to buy a gluten & MSG free brand) and a slice of Swiss Cheese. This snack was actually really yummy and very satisfying. 



D has requested my assistance with building something out of Lincoln Logs. Time to get construction under way.  Enjoy the rest of your afternoon.  


Erica said...

Sounds like a very nice day thus far! I agree- shoes make a HUGE difference. Glad you've found ones that really work for you! For years, I did group fitness classes in running shoes...before realizing running shoes are really designed to move forward, not side to side, not to mention I had the wrong shoes for the way my foot rolls when it hits the ground! Whoops ;)

K from ksgoodeats said...

Yum to the sweet/salty bar! That's my favorite flavor combination! Glad you found shoes that work for you! I once got the WORST case of shin splints thanks to my shoes - never again!