Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Positive Attitude

So this morning when I was at the gym I got to see a friend of mine who has not been there for a while.  We try to get our boys together to play but since her son has started going to school 3 days a week we have not been able to get together as much.  The last time we got together for a girls night was back is February – we are such busy mommies.  She hit me with some pretty heavy news – she has cancer.  It is thyroid cancer which I guess has a really good success rate.  She will be having surgery in 3 weeks and hoping to be back to normal in a few months.  Her attitude is so positive.  I guess when you have kids it is important to stay calm and collected when something like this happens in order to help your loves ones cope better.  I could not stress to her enough how willing I am to help her out with anything she needs.  She is such a great friend – please keep her in your prayers. 

Ok here are the eats for the rest of my day.  More yumminess I have to say. 

D and I hit up the park again – the place really is the bomb and we always have a blast.

When we got home I had some plain Greek yogurt with cinnamon and Chocolate PB2. I actually prefer the original PB2 but I only have a teeny bit of the Chocolate left from the samples that I was sent.  I might just have to break down and purchase a container. I also had a KeeRunch! bar. It was good but after having so many other stellar bars lately it just did not stand up to their greatness.  


DSC01289 DSC01288


I bet you could have guessed what dinner was – a salad.  The fixings – lettuce, red pepper, salsa, sweet potato, hummus and cottage cheese. I thought that I had a can of black beans in my cabinet but sadly I did not.  I was hoping to have them for the protein in this salad so instead I opted for cottage cheese.  It is, of course, one of my favorite foods but I was trying to add some variety.  The salad was still delicious and I did manage to get my protein.



I had 2 Corn Thins with SunButter one is pictured because I actually went back and made another because I still needed a little something something when I was finished. I also had a brown rice cake with a little home made raw sunflower seed butter.  I have to admit the Sunbutter blows my stuff away. Mine is only so-so but the Sunbutter brand is AWESOME. My hubs eats it every day for lunch and he has for like 4 years straight.  This time he went for the crunchy variety which is as you can see full of chunky goodies. 



For dessert I had a teeny bit of Greek yogurt and the last of my Cupola Cookies.  I added a little swirl of Raw Almond butter – as if I hadn’t already had enough buttery goodness. I love nut/seed butters so the more the merrier. 



I am off to call my Mom.  I miss her and I just really need to hear her voice.

Have a great night. See you tomorrow.


Sarah (lovINmytummy) said...

Oh, Sammie. I am absolutely praying for your friend. It's so funny because I just got off the phone with MY MOM and we were talking about how the prayers of all my "web friends," as she calls you all, are part of why I am healing so fastly. I have no doubt these prayers will do wonders for your friend, and I hope your chat with YOUR MOM will do wonders for you.

Much love, my friend!

Alison said...

Hi Sammie,

I read your blog everyday (because you are from Boston and I live there too) but never comment. I just read an article this morning about thyroid cancer. They reported that while it is scary because its cancer it has a super high survival rate. Its a type of cancer that most people don't think about simply because patients have such good prognoses and recovery. And with a friend like you to support her I have faith that you friend will be just fine!

Sammie said...

Thank you for your kind words ladies.