Thursday, May 14, 2009

POM Wonderful

Happy Thursday!  I was up and out the door by 5 AM to hit up the gym this morning.  I did 30 minutes of speed intervals followed by 15 minutes of my normal pace. I then hopped on the Arc Trainer for 15 minutes and ended with a pretty decent weight lifting session.   It was a great workout. 

For breakfast I made some Pumpkin Protein Oats.



I topped it with a banana and Raw Coconut Butter flakes.  The Coco Butter added just the right amount of sweetness to the oats to make this breakfast taste like dessert.


DSC01297 DSC01296


So last week the POM Wonderful people sent me a bunch of little juice bottles to taste test.  I am not a juice drinker but I really was curious how this stuff would taste.  The color is beautiful – the artist in me always eats with my eyes first. I thought that POM juice was going to taste like cranberry juice but it was actually not as bitter and much smoother.  I only had about 1/4 cup since it is pretty sweet stuff. I do like the flavor but I think that I will try it mixed with seltzer next time. If anyone has suggestions on how to enjoy POM juice please let me know – I have a bunch more in my fridge to use up.


DSC01298 DSC01300


Today I am heading to my sis’s house. She needs me to babysit my nephew this afternoon.  D is excited to hang with his buddy.  I hope you have a lovely day. 


Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

Amazing looking breakfast! Such a great combo!

How do you find getting up at 5am to run? Do you feel tired at the beginning? I am not a morning person but would love to try early morning runs. I just fear it would not a great run due to my sporadic sleeping patterns.

Jessica said...

Often in my oats, I put a funky flavored tea bag in the water while it's boiling- like something fruity or an almond vanilla flavor. It gives oats any fabulous flavor you can conjure up. I'd imagine that you could do half water and half Pom juice though for some great pomegranate oats! I might actually try it now.

Meredith said...

i like add a splash of Cherry POM (probably 1/4c pow in 1.5c water) to my water when i get back from a run! its makes it seem more refreshing and has a nice little punch of antioxidants :)

FoodsThatFit said...

I have been wanting to try coconut butter. I always thought it was the same thing as coconut oil, but nope, it looks like it would be delicious eaten just out of the jar, or on top of oats like you did!!! I saw it on sale at, they have it at wholesale, and I have been contemplating ordering it. I have also been hearing tons of good things about how healthy coconut is for you!!

HeatherBakes said...

I always mix pom juice with seltzer, but I bet it would be really good with lemonade, too.

Hope you have fun babysitting!

K from ksgoodeats said...

Seltzer and POM is the only way I drink it. It's too tart for me otherwise! Hope you had a great day!!

justine said...

Your breakfast looks great!! I have never had raw coconut butter! Are the stats the same as the oil?


Sammie said...

I have always been an early riser so I find it very easy to get up and run. I much rather run first thing in the morning than wait till later int the day.

I love the Raw Coconut Butter but then again I love anything coconut. You should give it a try - it is worth the splurge.

YUM, POM & Lemonade sounds delicious - great idea.

Coconut Butter has similar stats to nut/seed butters. It is soooo delicious.