Friday, May 1, 2009

Plenty of Time

When I got up this morning just after 4 AM it was not raining.  I checked the weather online and it was not supposed to start until around 8.  I had plenty of time to sneak in a run.  I managed to do a nice 7.5 mile loop and not a drop of rain in sight.  Being an early riser does have it’s benefits – I got my run in and did not get drenched.  I did lots of stretching and foam rolling before and after.  I could actually feel my tight hamstrings relax and now I am pain free.

After showering it was oat time.  Today I needed to assemble a hearty breakfast that will fuel me through cleaning.  I am heading to my sister-in-law’s today – the normal every other Friday routine. 

I went to the stove and cooked up a batch of fluffy oatmeal. Nothing lasts in my tummy like a good old whopping bowl.   I stirred in lots of pumpkin after the oats were cooked to my liking.  The pumpkin added so much bulk – this stuff should do the trick. 


DSC01005 DSC01007


The toppings included cinnamon, a dollop of plain Greek yogurt, a banana and raw almond butter.


DSC01006 DSC01008


Time to get this show on the road. D is still in his PJ’s and we need to get out of here soon.  I hope you have a great day.  Enjoy your Friday.


Erica said...

What a great run! I get really nervous running outside in the dark...I'm a scardy cat ;) GREAT bfast. Love pumpkin. Seeing pumpkin in your posts made me run out and buy another can. Good luck with the cleaning

polly said...

hi sweetie! YAY for early starts and have a fantastic friday. Your email touched my heart (as always, my friend!) and I'll be emailing you later today... XOXO

Sandy said...

Glad that you got a run in,before the rain.
Have a great cleaning day..and I love the picture's of D in the previous sweet..Motherhood is the best!!

Sammie said...

It is actually light out when I go. That is the great thing about Spring & Summer. It is light at like 5:15 :) I am a scaredy cat too but I have ventured out in the dark - I take along a flashlight.

K from ksgoodeats said...

I just read your comment to Erica and it reminded me of when I was on the Cape in December how it was dark at like 4 in the afternoon! Hope you had a great day!!