Monday, May 25, 2009

My Fur Baby

It has been a while since my fur baby has made an appearance on the blog.  He was outside this morning enjoying the warmth from the sun when Charlie snapped this shot of him.  He is such a good boy – a little loony - but honestly he is the most loving dog.  I can’t imagine my home without crazy Otto.



Today I went out for a 7.5 mile run and it was ever so glorious.  The sun was up, the birds were chirping and the pavement felt so natural under my feet. 

For breakfast this morning I tried a new Hemp Protein Powder in my oats.  I was sent this sample a while back and recently found it in the back of my cupboard. 



I mixed the powder into my 1/2 cup oats along with 1 1/2 cups water.  I then cooked it on the stove until it was thick and creamy.  Once it was to my liking, I added pumpkin, cinnamon and 1/3 a banana.  I mashed everything together and then poured the goodness into a bowl.



My toppings today were simple but their flavors mingled so nicely.  Sunflower seed butter and banana is a favorite combo if mine. Add the strawberries and it is double delight.



The Nutiva Powder had a very nutty flavor.  The only thing that I did not like was the texture, it was a bit more gritty than the Hemp Powder that I have been using. It packed a whopping 14 grams of fiber – maybe a little too much for my system – I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be fine. 

Today my hubs has the day off and we are planning on driving to the Cape with my sis and her family.  My Pop (that is what we called my Grandfather) is buried at a Veterans’ Cemetery in Bourne. The plan is to go visit his grave and then spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying the beauty of Cape Cod. 

I hope that you have a great day.


K from ksgoodeats said...

Aw your fur baby is adorable!! I hope you guys have a great time on the Cape - I love it there!!

Anne said...

Aw, Otto is so cute! I'm glad your run went so well-- I just love runs like that. Have a great Memorial day at Cape Cod :)

polly said...

ooooh OTTO! sweet puppy. He is long and slender... as opposed to my very round furball who lives with me. :)

Great run, sweetie! 7.5 kick off to a great week. Massive hugs and enjoy your day, Sammie sweet. XOXO

Erica said...

Hope you had a beautiful day. I love the Cape this time of year. Otto is adorable, give him a hug for me :)

hk said...

i thought of you upon stumbling onto Elana's blog.

there are some really yummy looking recipes, and she caters to the gluten free community, as well :)

hopefully it was a lovely memorial day for you all!!

Mariposa said...

Happy Memorial Day! (well at least yesterday...) is that a gigantic tattoo i spy on your arm or is that D drawing on you?? : ) it looks lovely!