Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mung Beans, Jicama and Yucky Brownies

Today I made a very interesting raw “hummus” using mung beans. I soaked the beans for a couple days and they plumped up a bit.  Before adding them to the Vita-Mix I drained off the remaining liquid.



I added 1 tablespoon tahini, fresh lemon juice, 1/2 a tsp cumin and salt. I whipped it till the beans were creamy and fluffy. 



I had some of it on a salad that contained another interesting ingredient – jicama.  I had jicama years ago but only once and I did not remember what is tasted like. When I had it before I cooked it, this time I tried it raw.  It is very crispy, sweet and the perfect addition to my salad.  I think I have found anther permanent addition to my list of favorite veggies.



This afternoon I decided to try out Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Brownie Mix.  I bought it a few months ago and for some reason have yet to bake up a batch that I can actually eat.  I made them light by using applesauce in place of the 3/4 cup melted butter.  The batter was super thick but spread easily around the pan. 



I am sad t0 say these things are yucky. The texture is ALL wrong – it was a bit rubbery.  The flavor was definitely off – nowhere near a brownie. Charlie tried a bite and agreed that these wanna be brownies are awful.  I hate to waste them but I can’t force these things down the hatch even if I spread some nut butter on it.  They rest in piece in the garbage. 



Since I have gone gluten free I have yet to taste a baked good that really wowed me.  I think I might have to hang up my apron on the GF baked goods.  At least I can eat a Jocalat Bar and get that brownie taste. 

Off to get some sleep.  We had a rough evening with my little one.  He was complaining of a very bad tummy ache.  Seems like that is happening a lot to him the past few weeks. I have not been feeding him anything different so I am not quite sure what the cause could be.  I hope that he wakes up feeling better in the morning. 

I hope you had a great Saturday.


Anonymous said...

My mom was diagnosed celiac as a child when it was very uncommon. During my childhood there was hardly any gluten free food for her to eat. Things have really changed in recent years. SHe would agree though about the terrible baked goods.
She LOVES Mariposa Bakery. They are in CA and we are in NY. SHe orders their biscotti, brownies and cake.

Anonymous said...

The brownies might have been off if you replaced all the butter with applesauce. Every brownie needs a bit of fat.

Have a good night!

Annalea said...

Overmixing will make GF baked goods rubbery. You really do leave lumps of unmixed powder in the batter. I love Pamela's cake & brownie mixes -- if I don't let the kids help mix, they turn out great. :o) The brownie mix is even sweetened with molasses & honey, so it's easier on the blood sugar.

And ditto on the fat. Be sure to put a little in, as it will make the batter lighter, and applesauce makes for a pretty heavy & wet batter.

Best of luck!

Mel said...

i second the Pamelas brownie mix